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  1. Hi. First post so forgive any protocols I may have broken. I am planning a navigation training flight up through the Kilmore Gap in the coming weeks so I just wanted to ask what altitudes you guys use. Usually northwest bound from YLIL one would use recommended even plus 500 altitudes but given the CTR steps this changes things. There is high terrain to the north so that’s something to take into account also. Assuming cloud base is not an issue, what would those that fly this route recommend and why?
  2. Like any other flying machine, the R44 can bite you if you fly it outside it’s limits. Flown properly its a very capable and safe aircraft.
  3. Guard duty during my RAAF days saw us armed only with yellow brick radios. They were heavy enough to inflict a fair amount of damage but you would have had to get real close. ?
  4. First ever solo was in a Blanik L13 glider at Arrarat. I recall hearing lots of creaking noises from that old airframe with no instructor in the back....? Since then its been helis and now fixed wing machinery but the sheer joy of flight never goes away no matter what you strap yourself into.
  5. Did many hours and my flight test in that machine....RIP PHK ☹
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