EggenFellnor(or something like that) Subaru engine- for RV'S


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Dec 28, 2015
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Jan Eggenfellner was in business from 1994, trading as Eggenfellner Aircraft Inc. He modified the 6 cylinder Subaru car engine to suit aviation use and called it the Eggenfellner E6.
He apparently also produced other Subaru 4 cylinder engines modified as aircraft engines.
It appears more than 300 of these E6 engines were sold and most went in Vans aircraft. However, Eggenfellners erratic performance as a supplier and engineer, and a poor choice of engine size and HP output, saw EAI go bankrupt in 2009.

Eggenfellner then established the Viking Aircraft Engines company in 2010, to produce a lower HP line of aircraft engines, using modified Honda car engines - but it appears Eggenfellners erratic performance as an engine supplier, and as a businessman, continue to dog him, with many Viking purchasers/owners unhappy at VAE's performance.

Here is one unhappy Eggenfellner 2.5L Subaru WRX engine purchaser, who kept a log of Eggenfellner engine and company problems, until he disposed of the aircraft and engine in Sept 2010 - obviously incurring a great deal of accumulated losses, in doing so.

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