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considering the total (apart from 1 x Like from RKW - thanks m8) lack of interest in my offer of the use of my property for a RC weekend, the event is cancelled permanentlyapart from that I find it a little unusual for a poster to join a forum/thread and says g'day, then doesn't even get one reply?


feels like wandering into a noisy pub in a small country town and every set of eyes turn around to look you up and down, and it gets real quiet......


I'm just sayin'....



I'd be there if I lived down that way. Maybe there aren't enough model aviators on this forum who live in your neck of the woods...



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Welcome to Australia, tall poppy capitol!:-) Don't take it to heart,every interest/hobby/industry is like that to some degree:-) The R/C fraternity is a fickled bunch, most clubs are political & toxic. I got out of R/C clubs years ago, too many wankers & know-it alls!

Sarina Aeromodellers Club is a great bunch of blokes. I don't get to attend as much as I would like to due to work commitments sadly. No politics just a bunch of blokes having a great time. This past weekend they even went R/C speed boating due to all the rain we have had.


If anyone is up this way you should attend the Old Timer flying comp coming up in July...should be a great weekend camping on the airstrip...and running Combat and control line and anything else also between the formal comps.



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This is a video of the maiden flight of my 150cc 5 cylinder radial powered Corsair. I left the cowl off for the first flight to ensure proper cooling. It has since flown with the cowl on. I have telemetry transmitting cylinder head temp to me on the ground & it has shown the motor actually runs cooler with the cowl on & fitted with appropriate baffling.




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