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First flight of RV4

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I can honestly say that 50% of my landings in the RV4 were excellent. The other ome today left a little to be desired. but it was a nasty gusting wind and I didn't have an audience.

I've always found the size of the bounce is directly proportionate to the number of spectators ,,,,,and a wheelie( motorbike) is guaranteed to go pear shaped with an audience ,,,,sadly some of my most magnificent landings have happened when there's no one to see it :-(



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Today was the big day. After over 3 years of building I got to do the first flight. So easy after 11 years of training on my Corby Starlet. A great flight in reasonable conditions, but cloud at 3000'.So easy to land when you can see ahead in the flare, but the photos look as if I put the tailwheel om first.

Still got the RV Grin hours later.

Well done Yenn, great to hear. Cheers Mike



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