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Three Nuns


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Three Italian nuns died in a car crash. St Peter said " we have a special programme for nuns, to reward you for a lifetime of devotion. You can go back to earth for three weeks as anyone you choose."


First nun says " I want to go back as Gina Lolabrigida" ( this happened a while ago). A puff of smoke, and she's gone.


Second nun says I will go back as Sophia Loren ( I told you it was a while ago). She also vanishes.


Third nun says I want to go back as Sarah Pipalini.


St Peter says, "I'm sorry, but I've never heard of her"


The nun says " she was in the headlines in our local paper last Saturday". St. Peter hurries off to the heavenly library and brings back a paper. I still can't find her, he says, where did you see it.


"It's the big headline" says the nun. And St Peter reads " Sahara pipeline laid by 200 men in three weeks."



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I believe they were the same 3 Nuns who were laying in bed in the evening reading in their room when the electricity went out leaving them in darkness.


One says "We can use the candles" and the other 2 said "Hmmmmmm......"



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