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Old RA Aus website - RA Rules etc

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Hi All,


Just wanted a quick touch up on my rules. The old RA Australia site had a great section with a heap of info to refresh (rules on things like VMC, max altitude, HASELL checks, radio calls and other assorted useful info).


Is this still being maintained anywhere? I'm not just talking ops manual rules, but the general stuff as well. I know where to find all these things individually but I liked that page to refresh myself easily.







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There was Shags some time ago but John moved them here as they are all John's property and we all thank him immensly for his hard work in composing them for all of us



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Hi Shags, If you want to come up to speed on rules, have a look at "Visual Flight Rules Guide". It's on the Casa website and can be downloaded in PDF format. I have heard that a printed version will be released later this year.



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