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Nav Through GCoast Brisb To Caloundra


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Hi all


Ive searched extensively and need some advice on this.


I have no ppl. just RAA with xc endorsement


I need some local knowledge and advice from those that fly through that section


I want to fly from Port Macquarie to Caloundra for a half marathon


I have been studying the maps and honeslty that section from just north of Lismore through to Caloundra is a bit overwhelming having not been through there and knowing there are some pretty decent hills through there.. I have flown local flights out of heck and local out of Caboulture . And i have touristed that area over the years...


Anyhow what i want to know is some suggested routes with pros and cons. We need to buy inflatable pfds for our plane anyway as we want them for over water flights coming up. So as long as the seas are not huge im happy to fly over water for short stints and wear the pfds.


When i go past coffs i will be likely going coastal.


I have thought about a few options.


Route A - over water options


Coastal around coffs or pass coffs prior to tower operating hours under 1000 classD just outside the 7 mile radius and let them know im there


Coastal around GCoast under 1500 class C just outside the 7 mile radius and let them know im there


Track along Stradbroke and Moreton below the 3500 Class C and then Track just off the coast


from Banksia Beach to Caloundra


Route B - Sneak between Amberly and GC Airspace


Advice needed here on best route


Route C Go west through Lismore or Casino and come around Amberly and Brisbane airspace


Again advice needed on likely best routes


All routes subject to NOTAMS on Restriced areas etc


My preferrred route is coastal. But i would still love advice ont he other routes as good backup options or incase i need to try another ta.


Thanks Zoos



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I would track west of Coffs, staying out of CTR, then track to Murwillumbah, then to Hinze Dam Wall, then Q1, then straight up the coast of Straddie and Moreton then across to Bribie Is to Caloundra, staying under 3500'. It can be a bit ugly over the border ranges if the weather is not good, so check the forecast. Going the other way over water takes you a fair way out to sea to stay clear of Coffs and GC. Regards, Bob



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Cheers Bob Thanks


When a non local looks at that airspace it looks terrible. But it seems so much simpler thanks to your few lines ...really appreciate it.


Just a few more questions. i will number them for ease of answering


1. Are those glide range paths to land ...ie no life jacket necessary from Q1 to Caloundra??


The stretch from Cape Moreton to Caloundra looks just doable ?? ?? at that ceiling


2. As far as track around mount warning (cloud catcher) i presume west straight line from mbah or just go on the upwind side on the day . likely west or south west winds anyway??


3. That stretch along the gold coast. id imagine is very congested... whats the protocols there ... is there any advised guidelines for that area or is it just VFR hemispherical and radio contact as per everywhere else...


4. Hinze Dam. Just aim for the middle ??? or is there a particular point as its pretty big...


Any other tips very welcome.



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Hello Dr Zoos, As long as you are at 3500' you should be able to glide to land between Moreton and Bribie Islands, assuming a ten to one (or better) glide ratio.


Tracking direct from Murwillumbah to Hinze Dam Wall, you should see a saddle in the range. This would be the safest track. If the weather is not agreeable I would be prepared to turn back to Murwillumbah to consider plan " B".


When you are over the range, you don't need to go right to the dam wall, but make sure you are well clear of Gold Coast CTR and at no more than 1500' when you track to Q1. Tracking up the coast, give a radio call on 119.0 for traffic at Seaworld, Mason field and Heck field. If you fly low level up the coast, give a call on 126.7 for Tangalooma. The recommendation is for north bound traffic to track up the eastern side of Straddie and Moreton. Hope this helps. Regards, Bob



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I'm scratching the brain cells, but instead of tracking from the "dam" to Q1 and having that height restriction:


Why not keep going north. Sorry can't find my charts. Go up towards Watts Bridge then go South Stradbroke.


It keeps you over ground longer. You just have to watch out for a little airstrip somewhere near the northern bit of Surfer's, just south of Sea world.


I haven't been that part of the world for a LONG time now, but flown past it about 6 times.


Good luck.



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Fd, I suggested flying from the dam wall to Q1 because it keeps you clear of controlled airspace. Certainly, you can fly further north before heading for the coast, but I wanted to include easily identifiable waypoints. Once past the Gold Coast Seaway, you can climb to 3500'. Regards, Bob



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3. That stretch along the gold coast. id imagine is very congested... whats the protocols there ... is there any advised guidelines for that area or is it just VFR hemispherical and radio contact as per everywhere else...

From Surfers to Bribie Island stick carefully to the VFR route marked on the VTC, depending on the day there can be significant traffic - northbound don't cut the corner at the northern end of Moreton Island.


And - keep a good ear on the radio, helicopters (!) are a-plenty. Training operations out of Coolangatta, Surf Rescue out of Coolie and Carrara, joyflights out of Seaworld, Dreamworld and Marina Mirage, private regular helicopter ops out of Currumbin, Oxenford, Pimpama, Surfers (Nerang River) and Paradise Point.


Recreational flyers tend to gather around Jumpinpin and the North and South Stradbroke Islands' ocean beaches - busiest on Saturdays, not much on other days.


There's no problem crossing the water at 3500' between Moreton and Bribie islands, just be aware of the wind direction on the day and how it affects your glide distance in either direction.



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