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Vale Macarthur Job

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Macarthur Job passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer.


He was arguably one of the greatest contributors to aviation safety in Australia.


His Aviation Safety Digests left no stone unturned, and what I liked about him was that he always dug into the history of the pilot involved in the crash, and often turned up a lurid history of, for example the pilot killed after flying into cloud regularly taking the same risk on a number of occasions previously, and boasting about it - so you knew it was more than an innocent accident.


His dedication and persevering touch is what is lacking most in the publications of today.


He was a great airman who taught great airmanship.


Here's a link to some of his history (Search for Macarthur Job if his name doesn't come straight up).





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Guest Maj Millard

Reading one his books right now ..'The Old and the Bold'...thanks for the great contributions to aviation safety Mr Jobs.





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I had the privilege of taking Mac for a ride in the Auster about 3 years ago. He had lost none of his magic touch.


A man who will always be remembered kindly wherever people who fly aeroplanes meet.





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