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Hi from Western Sydney

jerome gu

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Hi all,


I am new bird here.


I intend to trigger my RAA training soon. Look for a good flying school near my place, any good suggestion and advice?


I heard Sydney recreational flying club and Dave's flying school at Oaks. Which one you guys recommend?







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Hi Welcome Jerome.. what area are you in? i've heard nothing but great things about Dave's at the Oaks. Personally I have experience with Fly Illawarra down at Wollongong, and Sydney Jabiru at Bankstown. Depends on your goals, i went mainly with Sydney Jabiru and feel very well prepared for things like circuit traffic, airspace awareness, and dealing with the tower. The downside is that its large so can take a good chunk of your time just in runup and taxi, etc. Fly Illawarra are good because they are in uncontrolled airspace and smaller so you can get more flying in much quicker, plus Bruce is one cool cucumber.


be sure to keep us up on your progress!



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Hi Jerome


it probably depends on what you want from your flying. I fly at Sydney Recreational Flying Club and believe that we have a great formula - great aircraft (primarily A22 Foxbats or a Hughes Lightwing all with Rotax reliability) excellent instructors and a great social atmosphere. We pride ourselves on being more than just a place to hire an aircraft, as we offer a range of social activities including flyaways (e.g Natfly), competition days, and other events (e.g. courses, and regular club meetings). We are a not for profit organisation based around benefiting members, and as such our rates are very competitive. However. as we are a volunteer organisation there are limitations. For example, we are not a 7 day a week operation - we only fly primarily Saturdays and Sundays (but also some Thursdays and some public holidays). We also expect people who wish to fly with us to join the club ($100 pa). We allow people to fly 3 hours before having to make this commitment. In return people can hire a well maintained A22 Foxbat or Lightwing for $125 solo or $170 with an instructor (or $160 with an instructor once a club member).


Another variable is the weather. At The Oaks we fly off North/South grass runways, and we are in the foothills of the Great Dividing range. That means we are very much at the mercy of the weather (particularly the rain and westerly winds). You need to factor this in when choosing where to fly. However, the benefit is that we taxi out and take-off straight away and we are already I the training area.


Please send me a PM if you would like more information,


Cheers, Mark



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Dave's at The Oaks is 6 days a week (Tue-Sun) and flies Jabirus - $150 Dual (instructor) and $120 Solo (and free coffee and tea). Call Dave on 0414 740 766.


As Mark said (more or less) the paper work takes longer than the taxi and departure for both Dave's and SRFC.


The Oaks itself is friendly and has good pies, coffee and real food close to the airport.


Where do you live?



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