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DO X1a with 12 engines!


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Dornier DO-X 1a


Builder, Owner, Pilot: Michael Bräuer


Eigenbau nach originalen Bauplänen


Self made according to original blueprints


Massstab / Scale 1/10


Spw. / Wingspan: 4.8m / 16ft


Länge / Lenght: 4 m / 13 ft


Höhe / Hight 1.02 m / 3.4 ft


Motor: 12 x OS FS62V 10cc 4T (4 stroke)


Gewicht / Weight: 60 kg / 132 pounds


12 Tanks à 360 cc


4-Blatt Propeller


Futaba S-Bus Servos


Holzbauweise / wooden build


Motorgondel: GfK / Engine hoods: fiber glass


Einziehfahrwerk / Retracts


Max. Speed: 95 km/h (59 mph)


Startstrecke auf Gras ca. 80m


Takeoff distance on grass 87.5 yards


Verbrauch 12 min ca. 2 Liter


Fuel consumption for 12 minutes approx. 0.44 galons


Rüstzeit: 10 min / Assembling time to fly: 10 minutes






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