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First solo today

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Well done that boy!


Seriously, it's one of those moments in life that are never forgotten. Congratulations on joining the ranks of those who can cast off the surly bonds.





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Thanks Guys .Wish it happened 25 years ago but thats life .Hopefully get it all done by years end and look at getting my own aircraft .Family and freinds are hounding me for a ride.Flying is like every thing in life ,you learn something every day , the day you dont is the day they put you in a box and kick the dirt in on top of you.





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Yep all happens a bit quicker 1 up and I did talk myself around the circuit .I wasn't nervous as I had the confidence I could do it and I am sure Col wouldn't let me go if he was worried I would bend his plane .Down wind leg goes straight over my house so the family was out watching and yes it felt awesome to finally achieve something I have dreamed of all my life.



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