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Quiz Manager Needed


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Hi All


We have splurged, yet again, on some great new software at great cost for you here at Recreational Flying. Firstly there is a new section for Quizzes that we hope you may avail yourselves of to help you keep up with changes in our flying PLUS refresh ourselves on such things that we may have learn't once a long time ago. The second piece of software yet to be installed as I write this, it is still in testing mode, is a completely new Classifieds section where you will even be able to have your own Auctions.


So firstly, you may have noticed that Quiz has now been installed and we have a new section for Quizzes. At the moment there are not any loaded because we need a "Quiz Manager" who may like to populate and run quizzes in this section for everyone. When you take a quiz you have a number of question with a multiple choice list of possible answers plus each quiz has a set time limit with a clock displaying the time you have left.


At the end of the quiz you will get the results on the screen PLUS you will also receive an email of your result...a great new addition to the Recreational Flying site.


Please, if there is anyone who would like to be our official "Recreational Flying Quiz Manager" then please let me know urgently and thanks for your help in making Recreational Flying even better.



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Well Ian, I have been keen to get the quizzes started for a while now. I had started on some based on the John Brandon tutorials. Wondering if we could get permission to reproduce some CASA Flight Safety quizzes?




My internet connection is poor and I am busy, but I could get some material set up. However, if you get another keen volunteer I would be happy to help them with content.







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Thanks Sue but you already do so much for this site in putting all the events in for everyone to know about...so a huge thanks for that.


I have had to pull the Quiz section at the moment as a couple of bugs passed through my testing, I shouldn't have rushed it into production on the live site. Hopefully I can overcome these bugs as I believe a Quiz section would be of great help to many.



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