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AGM and SR notice NOT on RAAus web site


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I have just sent the email below to the CEO and Board.


If you agree with my thoughts maybe you (RAAus members) could send them an email in similar vein.


Maybe a bit of people pressure could get some improvement in the RAAus web site layout and information.




DWF 074_stirrer.gif.5dad7b21c959cf11ea13e4267b2e9bc0.gif


G'day Michael, Michael, Tony and Ed,


Unfortunately I am unable to attend the RAAus AGM at Lethbridge on 18th October.


I read the AGM notice in the September Sport Pilot and see that there are two Special Resolutions to amend the constitution to be voted on at that meeting. Although the resolutions are sensible and straight forward and very likely to be passed without my assistance, as an RAAus member who is very interested in and concerned about the operation of our association, I have nevertheless decided to exercise my right (responsibility) to cast my vote by proxy.


So I went to the RAAus web site to see how to go about submitting my proxy vote.


As far as I can determine there is NOTHING regarding the AGM or Special Resolutions anywhere on the site - not in the 'Latest News', not in the Calendar, not in the Members portal. (If it is anywhere on the site it is extremely well hidden!)




I finally found the proxy form on page 23 of the constitution.


In order to get a printout of the form I had to print the whole 24 page document.


Why is the proxy form not available as a separate .pdf document?


I then had to go to Rule 30 of the constitution for instructions on how to submit my proxy form.


How many proxy forms have been received to date?


In the interests of better communication with members and making the proxy voting process as simple as possible can you please arrange to have the following included on the web site:


1. A notice of the AGM including all the details required by Rule 21(ii) of the constitution,


2. Details of the Special Resolutions to be voted on at the AGM


3. Links to the information required in Rule 21(iv) of the constitution ("the Agenda for the meeting together with the Board approved and audited Annual Financial Statements and the Annual Reports of the President, Secretary and Treasurer.")


4. A link to the proxy form (a separate, one page, .pdf document).


5. Instructions on how to submit a proxy form.


The RAAus web site is a bit of a shambles.


It may not be the Board or Administration priority but it is one of the few indications to members of how things are going in our organisations - you must admit it does not present a very coherent picture. I would like to suggest that a higher priority be given to sorting out the web site and providing useful, relevant and timely information to members.


I realise that there are problems in incorporating postal voting in our constitution but with our CEO's push on through philosophy I am sure a way can be found to enable postal voting - maybe with voting forms going out with Board ballot papers.





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DWF, the Special Resolutions were passed with no votes recorded against. Thanks for your support on this.


The Chair of the Meeting, Michael Monck advised the meeting 10,000 proxy forms had not been printed and sent out as a cost saving measure. Of the 10,000 that would have been sent out it was estimated that more than 9,500 and more like 9,900 would have gone straight into the waste paper basket. Max Brown argued that it is a cost of democracy and such an approach could lead to RA-Aus being taken over by a small group with a narrow focus. If such a group existed and brought 50 members to the AGM they could have had a strong effect.


It was accepted by the Board that there should have been better notification that forms were, for the first time, not being sent out. It was also agreed to make the Proxy form a lot easier to find and download on the website. As we move into greater use of email notifications, then links can be included in the email to take you straight to the form. Those who insist in remaining staunchly in the 20th Century will find life more difficult not just vis a vis RA-Aus but in everything that they do.


Might be time for such people to talk to their grandchildren on how to operate in the 21st Century.



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