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New Menu System - Final Testing


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The new site menu system has just been updated to its almost final stage. All comments to date have been incorporated into it including a new quick link icon to "What's New" that is accessible wherever you are on the site including on mobile devices from the sticky menu row at the top.


There is only one thing left to do. If you select in your site preference settings to have the menu on the left then no problem, you will see the Account, Conversations and Alerts drop down appear on the right of the links. However, if you select to have the menu on the right then the drop downs appear underneath the links, this will be addressed with some script to be written. - FIXED


I have been using the new menu system for a couple of weeks now and with this update done today it is bloody fantastic in my opinion however it is your opinion that counts. Hopefully this will go live in just a few days time after I wrap all the current site's styling around it...just the cosmetics of the current site.


Hope you like it and please have a test and let me know your thoughts.


To access it, simply click the "Default Style" link in the bottom right corner of the site footer and then select "Menu Test".



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Oh, also now that I am working on the overall site styling can I assume that the Blue, Grey and White colours are still ok with everyone? Please let me know your thoughts



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