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Any Pilots Around Brisbane or the Gold Coast?

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Hi guys (and girls),


No doubt some of you know my desires to get my CPL (and if you don't, I want to get my CPL) - but rather than wait - and hence not fly - until July to get my Nav endorsement and RPL/PPL, I was wondering if there were any local pilots in Brisbane or the Gold Coast that would allow me to jump in their aircraft (with them onboard, of course) and go for a fly - even if it is just around the Hinterland or something.


Sub-question: if another pilot is on board that holds a Nav endorsement, can I fly outside the 25nm radius?


I figure it would work out cheaper than going to a flight school, and paying for aircraft rental and fuel and all that good stuff. And, hey, I'd be able to meet new people and make new friends in recreational aviation.


Obviously, I wouldn't fly for free - I'd pay for fuel and landing charges and whatnot, but if, say, people were going out for a Sunday fly in a nosewheel type aeroplane, would there be a possibility of me coming along (after we've met over a beer, as is common in this fine country) and logging some time?


Cheers :)


Note: by "logging some time", I don't mean sitting there observing, I mean hands on flying - people who pad their logbooks to get their first job are what's killing this industry.



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To get free right seat time at least offer to clean the plane. Hanging around an airport a lot will help


Flight time clarification - no you can't log hours as PIC outside the training area (25nm, direct track etc) unless the flight is approved by and operated under the supervision of a flight instructor




See division 61.A.3



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Why not spend that money and fly circuits or local area flying. The cost per hour flight time isn't going to be cheaper "tagging along" since really you'll only have a limited chance at the controls. Remember there is no co pilot time to log, you're either PIC, dual or nothing.



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