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G'day guys and girls,


Dave here. Bit of an introduction. I am a GA pilot (25 years) and RAAus pilot. Have flown a fair selection of GA aircraft up to medium twins, mostly for fun. I love aerobatics, but have never competed (could never find the time if I had the money and never the money if I had the time...) Currently mostly flying my mates RV-4. I haven't done a whole lot of RAAus flying only having flown the Lightwing, Jabiru and A22 Foxbat.


I enjoy flying taildraggers with the Pitts Special being my favourite but also love vintage/warbird aircraft and have a few hours in the Tigermoth, Stearman and T6 Harvard. I have moved up from Sydney to Newcastle at the start of this year. In Sydney I used to do most of my flying either at Curtis Aviation or the RAAF Richmond Flying Club and now in Newcastle with the RAAF Williamtown Flying Club.


Anyway I look forward to reading/participating in the discussions on here. I am extremely passionate about general aviation in this country and having been part of the complaining but do nothing brigade for the last 20 odd years I am now putting my money where my mouth is and trying to do something positive for GA over the next 3 years, raising both its profile with the public and lobbying key members of our parliament. If successful this approach will become known over the next couple of years but at the moment it is currently in negotiations so no further details here just yet. Finger crossed though.


Safe aviating to you all.







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