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Strips near Nimbin


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Drugs and flying never...:)


Spent some time round Lismore, Alstonville, Lennox and Nimbin some time ago. Heard that Nimbin had changed a fair bit with the introduction of hard drugs, but was hoping it wasn't so, as it was a great place to have a cuppa and watch some amazing sights...including a once a year bath from a 'tribe' that lived near Nimbin and sometimes made their way to Byron for their annual rinse...used to crack me up to no end to watch the tourist's faces at the top pub, as their distictive aroma and bare arses went by.:)





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closest to Nimbin?


The closest reasonable sized strip to Nimbin must be Tyagarah.


Grass strip. There are ultralights, gliders, and skydiving activities there.


Think it is the airfield for Byron Bay, but not walking distance. A long way from any facilities. Very quiet during the week.


Lismore would be the next closest. Much closer to facilities.


Jack. :):)



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lismore is much closer than tyagarah as you have to drive through lismore to get there, or go through the hills which takes longer but is more scenic. There are several private strips around Nimbin, some of which you wold have to be a braver man than me to attempt a landing on. You could give Wayne Fisher at spectrum aviation a ring he has a very good knowledge of the area. http://WWW.spectrumaviation.com.au



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G'day Gav,


There was a 'croppie strip' at S28 36.594 E153 10.203. About 5.5 kms west/west south of Nimbin. I doubt if it's still operational and it was a inconspicuous and minimalist strip.


Reckon the advice of others would be your best option though.





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