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Re;wing removal

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Hi ,I have a Thuster t500 Gemini ,and I have to remove the wings to transport it (about 50k) so I have to remove the wings ,how easy is it to do,are there any traps I should be aware of ?,any thoughts ?...many thanks Ian L



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T500 is not a Gemini but both come off the same.


No real tricks but it really is needing two people to do it easily.


Easiest to pull the Battons out of the wing


Take all the nuts off and leave the bolts in as pins


One hold in the tip up while you take the struts off


Then pull the root spar bolts and the wing is off


Repeat on other side


Once you get the wings off you can either fold them in their wing skins or move them as ladder wings.


If your are folding the wings down inside their skins undo all zips and be careful of skins not getting caught and torn.


When moving the wings just be careful the lift strut pickups are not rubbing on skins or get damaged/bent.



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