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  1. Hi MIKE, my name is Ian Lawrence and i live on Phillip island and have a Thruster TST ultralight ,will the strip be open to visits by aircraft and if so what do i have to do ?........i would like to catch the ferry over and have a look if thats ok .....is there some way we could catch up ?...my mob. 040906856 hope all is good many thanks Ian
  2. Hi ,I have a Thuster t500 Gemini ,and I have to remove the wings to transport it (about 50k) so I have to remove the wings ,how easy is it to do,are there any traps I should be aware of ?,any thoughts ?...many thanks Ian L
  3. Hi ,my name Ian Lawrence and I may have to transport a Thruster (built in 1987) and as I will have no place to land will have to transport it by trailer,so my question is how easy is it to remove the wings off the aircraft,hoping someone can help many thanks Ian L
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