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3 free Australian aviation museum online tours

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Something slightly little different if anyone's interested. 


There's 3 Australian aviation museums up online that you can tour for free. With Western Australia being so remote  this is the next best thing. No VR headset required..... just view the tours on your PC, iPad, Mobile.









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Thanks for that link, Andrew. I didn't know that Perth had a Lanc. Where is that Zero wreck? 


I admire all the work that goes into restoring old planes, but sometimes a wreck is just as interesting.



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Saw the wreaks on "Cape york"


It was fascinating to say the least.


BUT as I worked in the Alloy recycling industry,  Iv'e put uncountable number's into smelter;s, (turned into ingots ).


Didn't like the burning to destroy (unwanted ) aircraft, Undamaged, still had full tnks, & some were fully armed, ( could have had a flight occasionally, but time is money to the boss )  so the mechanics & other airpersonel missed out.


Almost had a Lysander ride but they put the torch to it when we were inspecting, and thinking of "One last flight "


Squeaky engine when the Lysander was being started, Then we ran away from the burning plane.


Most wooden or canvas aircraft were burnt on the airfield.





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