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Morgan’s still selling?

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Hello, anyone able to answer some question would be much appreciated.


Are the Morgan‘s still in operation, their website looks fairly stagnant which is never a good sign.


Are they available as a factory built for those who lack the free time and experience to build?


Are they a reasonable choice for low hour pilots?


Thoughts on Jab v Rotax powerplant, eg maintenance cost, reliability etc.







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I'll be speaking to Ray Tolhurst of Wedgetail Aircraft tomorrow (1-7-19). He's a member here, so I'll get him to PM you, if he hasn't already.


Where in NSW are you?



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Hi Danny. Please check the Wedgetail Aircraft website www.wedgetailaircraft.com.au


as we have taken over the manufacture and supply of the Morgan Aeroworks aircraft and kits.


Or call me on 0414 559742


Ray Tolhurst



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