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Contact for Dave, landholder at Fishburn?

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Hi UK aviators!


my wife and I have just home returned home after  a couple weeks visit  to the UK. It was basically a family visit, but we drove around a bit and took in a few sites. En route to Durham we called in at the delightful little flying club at Fishburn, which has a coffee shop overlooking the field. There we  got talking to Dave, who's the farmer who owns the land the airfield is situated on.


Dave was a really good bloke. He took us on a tour of the hangars, introduced us to a couple of the club members who were around, and told us about his practical arrangements for operating the airfield. My wife and I both fly and are just establishing our own airstrip at home,  so we were very interested to chat with flyers, check out their aircraft  and hear all Dave  had to say....


Stupidly we drove off before I got Dave's contact details.  He lives right there  in the house beside the airfield. Does anybody here have an email or physical address  for  Dave? I'd really like to write and thank him for his time and kindness shown to two random Australians. We really liked Fishburn and it was a real highlight of our trip to UK.







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