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At least 15 dead in Afghan airliner crash

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A Bek Air Fokker 100 with 95 passengers and 5 crew lost altitude and crashed into a building shortly after takeoff  from Almaty Airport. Russian news sources say 14 people were dead at the site, including 6 children, and another died in hospital. There are five in critical condition in hospital.




 A Bek Air Fokker 100




Scene of the wreckage.



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As we always say we should not prejudge but I sincerely hope this is not another instance of failure to select take-off flap. Description of accident has a lot of similarity to a couple which have featured on Air-crash Investigations. ( Please don’t shoot me for speculating!)



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 Cold I believe. Could easily be icing.   At a lot of those places you would need to de ice before taking off. Sometimes hard to organise or they don't want to pay for it. .Nev



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