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Selling the Nynja I’ve never seen.

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I put the Nynja up for sale. It’s in the for sale section.


Might one day buy it in kit form. Sold on the plane itself. Explained on the up for sale post.



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I’m keeping the Nynja as latest plan. Been a difficult journey for all of us through the covid crisis. Well, still of course going through it. Haven’t seen my wife in 8 months now and never been away so long. Good part has been how safe Taiwan is. Bad part not getting a dose of Australia. Started watching Rake on Netflix in desperation for some Australian accents. Bloody surprised how good it is. Well written and acted. Bloody stupid of course and that’s part of the fun.


Early in the year the plan involved monthly or even weekly trips to the Phillipines from Taiwan and flying quicksilver aircraft with a fun bunch of expats and locals at Angeles. Nights at the Clarkton hotel with pool, quality food and a sleazy nightlife on tap right out the hotel door. I’m pretty boring so tended to swim then work by the pool and finish up with great food and booze served to the pool side tables....happy wife, happy life!


Every few months back to Australia.


That didn’t happen. Just worked in Taiwan in the 2 companies I’m associated with and improving mandarin with 16 contact hours a week and 5 different Chinese teachers. Sort of saved my sanity and some female contact time.. each teacher is a character in her own way. Rounded out with foot and back massages by the gym lap pool. Happy wife, happy life as mentioned earlier.


The good part is my main business activities of exercise equipment and vinyl records are booked out into next year and both businesses right now getting capacity expansion by 50%. Mandarin is a bugger of a language. Always had get around Chinese but not fluent. Still not fluent, barely fluent in English. Written and spoken is haltingly improving. So, can’t complain too much or st all really compared to so much


However, looking forward to end October back to French island for 3 months.


Back the the Nynja. Was always convinced this was the right plane. Just unsure about everything else...Might upgrade to an A32 fuel injected Foxbat at some stage. We will see how the 3 planes settle on French Island. Will purchase the greenhouse mentioned elsewhere and minimal runway infrastructure to test all this.


Vince is happy I’m keeping his plane. Looking forward to catching up and meeting others from the forum.

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