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Do you prefer Fixed or Fluid displayed websites?  

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  1. 1. Do you prefer Fixed or Fluid displayed websites?

    • I prefer "Fixed Width" (with spaces on the sides)
    • I prefer "Fluid Width" (with spaces as horizontal gaps)

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I am having a debate and would like to get your input into what you like to view websites at...here on Recreational Flying we use the "Fluid" width where the page width stretches across the width of the whole screen no matter what non-mobile size screen you have but has large empty spaces between horizontal areas of the site:



The other type is the "Fixed" width where the website is set at a specific maximum width but based on a screen resolution size of 1024 wide...some say this is easy on the eyes but leaves unused space on the sides of larger screens (ignore the fact the menu is on the far left in this screen shot as a true Fixed Width would have the menu column on the side of the content):



Either way whether it is Fixed or Fluid, when viewed on a screen that is 1024 resolution they would both look the same:



So, what do you prefer???

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