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YLEE Thanks for a great weekend

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Queens birthday weekend started poorly , fogged in until midday at Albury meaning Mid afternoon arrival at Leeton , After a warm welcoming from other attendees and an invitation to a cooked lunch I was ready to move in .

Lined up were both RAA and VH powered planes and a couple spectacular gliders and in the back ground a large fire was burning quietly.. I was the only brave sole to set up my sleeping accommodation outside under the wing of the Brumby, the others stayed inside the club house , in caravans or ventured into town via a courtesy vehicle. The last part of Saturday was filled watching gliding and a biplane flying about . In the evening we were presented with a smorgasbord of the finest culinary selection .

After our meal we adjourned to the fire for light refreshments and informative conversation. I retired early to my zero star accomodation ( full fog evening) next morning we were presented with the most delightful cooked breakfast .

The Leeton flying / gliding club members truely excelled in entertainment and accommodation and I thank them for their sterling effort. I spoke to some pilots by phone, these central Victorians were unable to make it due to the weather but some brave soles made it 1/2 way turned back , what a pity, they missed out on a fabulous event.

On a dark side I packed up Sunday to return home , but the weather had other ideas , 300 feet of fog and full overcast above that , unpack and re set up my accommodation then spent the rest of day enjoying the fire and fellowship. Monday looked as the fog was not going to lift until the afternoon , but as soon as I did, we departed for home , a very enjoyable weekend and again thank you Leeton .

I will see for the next event, Stevron.



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