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starter and other solenoid spike reduction

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13 minutes ago, skippydiesel said:

So do I go  to JayCar and ask for a "BidirectIioonal TVS 1.5KE3-CA or similar 30V Bidirectional TVS"  and use it to bridge between the positive + & negative - terminals on my starter solenoid ????

yes ! or you can ask me to put a diode in the post for you for free....



Those diodes that end in "CA" are bidirectional- they wont clamp until they have 30V plus or minus on them.

That's what you want for this application for the solenoid.


Jaycar dont have any sizes for 12-14V general purpose spike protection.

I put 16V ones into Microairs, they begin to clamp about 18V.... 

The UNIdirectional ones are faster and more man-ly  than the Bi directional ones, but for most purposes, much the same. happy to answer more question on that. Suggest using for general spike protection the same ones in my rotax capacitor drawing- the 5KP16A  (big mother)  or the small one the 1.5KE16A are fine for clipping off low energy spikes. the 5KP16A is a big mother and capable of popping breakers if it is a sustained fault.

The suffix of A is unidirectional. the suffix of CA is bidirectional.


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