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Best VR headset for XPlane ?


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Thanks, I was reluctantly sort of realising the PC was the only route. Apple have been talking & displaying VR stuff for a while, still no product. The only PC I have is an old laptop which is probably unsuitable for both speed & graphics resolution.


A couple of years ago I did some cross training onto a Eurofox. Someone had a VR set up for a Eurofox & gave me some time on it. It was an amazing experience. I was reaching down between my legs for the flap lever, getting confused when I couldn't feel it, it was so realistic.


So I understand your comment about not going back to 'normal'  FS.


The HTC Vive has come up well in reviews. I'm a Xplane user, do you happen to use XP?


Being a livelong Apple user I have no idea of what config PC to buy. Did you buy from a dedicated FS retailer or are you self sufficient enough to just go out & buy something? If you know of a good specialist I'd appreciate a name.


Thanks for your input....Peter 

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I'm a long time Apple user going back to Apple II and currently do Mac Support full time sole trader.


Anyway, what do mac people do to find out the specs, ask the kids 🙂 and yes, I got X-Plane originally for the mac but then moved it to the PC when I went VR. I was lucky, my client had the headsets lying around and knew I fly and offered them to me, they are the first version but you don't say no to free. That's why my budget was higher for the PC.



AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8 Core Socket AM4 3.9GHz CPU Processor

MSI GeForce RTX 2070 VENTUS GP 8GB Video Card


Then you have to decide on cooling, I went with the fan instead of liquid cooling.

Noctua NH-D15 Multi-Socket PWM CPU Cooler


I recently purchased the Honeycomb Flight Controls and the Logitech throttle since I love flying the Tecnam Twin and currenly flying around Australia since I'm in lockdown. I do have old pedals.


I need to sell my Logitech Flight Switch panel and a really old Thrustmaster joystick.


Recently I purchased a way overpriced knobster because that's the only bad thing about VR is it's difficult to turn knobs.


I use AirServer so I can use AirPlay and use my iPad in the VR. To get it to appear in X-Plane I use MoveVR. Expect to take a few minutes setting up before flight till you get used to the procedure of loading things up.


Hope that helps.






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The thought of trying to buy & configure a setup like yours is way outside my comfort zone. I live in a remote area with nobody else with IT experience around me. We're so out of it, there is only one other aircraft based here.


Are you flying the Tecnam because there is no 230D profile in Xplane? I've had a look at the real Tecnam twin at a few airshows, interesting idea although I can't see the market for it here.


My FK9 profile is not on Xplane either, I was thinking of asking the factory if they'd made one up.


I'm also a longtime Apple user, my first was the original Mac with just a floppy, back in the mid 1980's from memory. I was ahead of the pack, I lashed out & bought an external floppy & an Apple Printer. These days we have two iMacs, three iPads, a variety of iPhones, Apple TV.


Regrettably, Apple is not the company it once was. The way they release OS without thoroughly testing has become a fact of life. Like lockdowns I suppose!


Thanks for sharing your setup info with me, I think I'll have to wait till Apple release something. I have some doubts about their current iMac configs having sufficient grunt to run Xplane VR, maybe the M2 chipset will solve that.



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I know your area. I used to do windsurfing wave comps there in the 80’s. I don’t mind helping, you can get MWave to make a ready made machine for you. 

As for the plane, I could only see a J160 and because this isn’t real, I preferred flying something I can’t afford and faster. 

I wouldn’t wait for apple, they did do something a few years ago then lost interest. You needed a high end Mac and they were too expensive. You really do need high end otherwise you’ll get sick. I can’t even turn everything to its highest settings on my setup. I forgot to mention but make sure you also get 321 of ram. The next version of x-plane is going up a next level for graphics but I don’t know how much grunt that will need. I think they might announce something in a couple of weeks at an expo. It’s already on their website with visuals. 

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I see you've got a Jab 230D. That made it to my short list & I went to Bundaberg to have a look at the factory & meet Rod & Sue. I could never decide between the 160, 170 & 230. After a couple of years of flying about 10 different LSA's, a friend decided to sell his FK9, so I just bought that.


Prior to that happening, I'd just about decided to get the latest model Savannah & had even gone to QLD & done a STOL course on one. My wife thinks one plane & one boat is enough, so FK9 it is.


I've dealt with Mwave a lot, didn't realise they made up gear. I had a look at their site & will give them a call. Appreciate your offer to help, I'll get back to you after I chat with them...Peter

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I test flew the 170 and 230 with Sue at Narromine ages ago and loved the 230. I stretched my finances to get it but after 11 years I still love it. Just a pity I can’t fly at the moment, hence a lot of VR. 

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Since my last post, I've decided that X-plane VR on an iMac is just not workable. So I've bought a used PC & am trying to decide on what monitor & VR headset to get.


The PC is a HP Z230 Tower, 3.4 GHz, Intel i7 4th gen, 16GB RAM, Quadro 600 graphic card, 240 GB SSD, WIN 10 Pro, DVD RW, WiFi card, 10 USB ports. Waiting on delivery.


As I'm buying a VR headset, I figured I could get a low end monitor. My choice at the moment is a Philips 27" 275M8/75 QHD, 109BPI, 3000;1, 144Hz job.


The Oculus Quest 2 looks good, I' still considering my choices for both the monitor & headset. The other thing I'll need to consider is a new graphics card, the existing one won't be good enough for VR. I noted you comment about the RAM, this HP can be expanded to  32GB, which I'll almost certainly do.


It's all a minefield for a newbie like me, particularly with no PC experience. I haven't been able to find a source of expertise for advice, even though I've spent days on the web.


I've sent a message off to the FK factory, asking if they know of a FK9 plugin for Xplane.


I've had about 6 hours on the J230. All that luggage space! very tempting to forget about W&B. You must have a few hrs on it if you bought it 11 years ago. 


Thanks for your PC specs, that helped confirm the conclusions I'd come to

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Never enough hours in the Jab, my wife used to treat it like a station wagon. Lately lockdown doesn't help and I can't even get to the airport at all. I saw there is an airport at Mallacoota.


Anyway, the screen doesn't really matter, I only use it for basic setup before switching to VR. I set a shortcut in X-Plane to turn on vr and off. Funny, last night the cable for headphones normally unplugged coming from the headset was interfering with the sensors and made for stuttered images. Glad I worked that out.


I understand about the PC, way too many options. Take a look at youtube



As for the headset, Oculus is owned by Facebook if that's not an issue. I heard HP are pretty good but I'm going to stick with HTC for the moment if I had to upgrade. 


One final thing, you can tell if you need to adjust the graphics settings in VR if you are getting sick from the jitters in the graphaics. I tried everything max and got sick.


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