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  1. Still at Wedderburn, been sitting on the grass for ages. Haven't seen it fly till I saw that video.
  2. https://www.jetphotos.com Where do the photos of aircraft displayed on Flightradar24 come from? Photos displayed for each aircraft come from JetPhotos. If you’d like your photos to appear on Flightradar24, please submit them to JetPhotos. Added extra FAQ I uploaded a photo of an aircraft to Jetphotos, why is it not showing on Flightradar24? All photos go through a screening process where the JetPhotos screening team will ensure that photos meet the required JetPhotos standards. If your photo has not yet been screened it will not be displayed. Flightradar24
  3. Just finished reading the aricle in Australian Flying, very useful info. Amazing what you find on reading different threads.
  4. But I remember reading somewhere that ATC needed a software update to see skyecho devices.
  5. I thought they were upgrading to do that but I didn't know they could do it yet.
  6. I'm also looking into getting some lenses but can't get in contact with my optometrist. https://www.vr-wave.store
  7. Never enough hours in the Jab, my wife used to treat it like a station wagon. Lately lockdown doesn't help and I can't even get to the airport at all. I saw there is an airport at Mallacoota. Anyway, the screen doesn't really matter, I only use it for basic setup before switching to VR. I set a shortcut in X-Plane to turn on vr and off. Funny, last night the cable for headphones normally unplugged coming from the headset was interfering with the sensors and made for stuttered images. Glad I worked that out. I understand about the PC, way too many options. Take a look at
  8. You can fly RAAUS without one and just can't go to certain airports. Security Controlled ones I think.
  9. It’s not easy to drain, do you think they used the drain points? When I’m flying to another airport, not sure how I could use a camera when I cover my plane.
  10. Since I've a glass cockpit, I always take a photo of my display for the hobs and fuel so I know how much fuel I need when I go to the airport next. Sorry to hear about being bone dry. Glad you have a chance to fly though.
  11. I test flew the 170 and 230 with Sue at Narromine ages ago and loved the 230. I stretched my finances to get it but after 11 years I still love it. Just a pity I can’t fly at the moment, hence a lot of VR.
  12. I know your area. I used to do windsurfing wave comps there in the 80’s. I don’t mind helping, you can get MWave to make a ready made machine for you. As for the plane, I could only see a J160 and because this isn’t real, I preferred flying something I can’t afford and faster. I wouldn’t wait for apple, they did do something a few years ago then lost interest. You needed a high end Mac and they were too expensive. You really do need high end otherwise you’ll get sick. I can’t even turn everything to its highest settings on my setup. I forgot to mention but make sure you als
  13. I'm a long time Apple user going back to Apple II and currently do Mac Support full time sole trader. Anyway, what do mac people do to find out the specs, ask the kids 🙂 and yes, I got X-Plane originally for the mac but then moved it to the PC when I went VR. I was lucky, my client had the headsets lying around and knew I fly and offered them to me, they are the first version but you don't say no to free. That's why my budget was higher for the PC. MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS AM4 ATX Motherboard AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8 Core Socket AM4 3.9GHz CPU Processor MSI GeForce
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