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  1. That seems like a better concept than a multirotor drone. No exposed blades as well. I wonder if it uses less power.
  2. I think straight in approaches to an airshow or high traffic is not a good idea in general. Also, he relied on unicom for traffic and they could've been wrong. Anyway, the plane on base had the right of way so add that all up, doing a normal circuit pattern should have been the preferred option.
  3. I had one where I didn't hear anything from other 2 other aircraft till I was surprised to see them in the circuit and only when I called them did they respond.
  4. Funny you mention "Pen Tested" because I've never been asked airside unless a couple of airports trying to get out the gate and you need to call a number. They only asked for the card number.
  5. I like when the flying looks scale. impressive models.
  6. Actually just noticed lately my Avplan track jumps (Not the internet connection, my aircraft). I wonder if the Skyecho is keeping the GPS connection or it could be the wifi dropping. Hard to pinpoint unless I catch it in the process.
  7. That would be an interesting poll, ADSB out in ultralights.
  8. You could also debate whether RAAUS is a direction towards recreational GA.
  9. From memory I chose option 1 to keep maximum altitude during the flight. Option 2 is too close to trust your GPS and option 3 is too low and putting trust in the GPS again I think.
  10. http://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2019/aair/ao-2019-052/
  11. That was Coffs wasn't it? That would be nice as well to be able to transit their airspace somehow.
  12. Still at Wedderburn, been sitting on the grass for ages. Haven't seen it fly till I saw that video.
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