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  1. Haven't tried that since I now have a solar panel plugged into the plane in the hanger. Maybe I should test it since winter is coming and the Jabiru isn't great to start in the cold.
  2. My radio isn't great first thing, for me if the battery is low the Jabiru doesn't provide enough power.
  3. But the early adopters help fund the better technology in the future. It's still early days, cars are starting to see major changes. Aircraft will be slower to change but I'm sure it will happen.
  4. Also, he doesn't say the duration with 2 batteries which is the default installation. I assume 1 hour is 4 batteries.
  5. I would get rid of the chute and add more batteries.
  6. Reminds me of the 80's when someone created an inflatable windsurfer.
  7. I use both actually all three. I have the card, the bunnings cheapo and the RAAUS. What can go wrong?
  8. For the landing roll, be careful with your approach speeds. It is so easy to float the J230 though once on the ground it doesn't need much distance.
  9. That is impressive, I've never watched a cross country in a glider before.
  10. I like doing it because besides the basics, he puts me through my passes with many different scenarios and I am pushed. I love it. As XAIRVTW said, doing it my own aircraft is good for familiararity.
  11. You're missing these, otherwise excellent.
  12. This type of flying looks very realistic. I think there was one other video a couple of years ago with similar skills. Thanks for sharing.
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