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Trip to Melbourne Airport...


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This is more a “go see†than a “fly to†trip report… on Sunday we decided to go watch the A380 land at Melbourne Airport.


It was due about 12.40 so we got there a little early, checked ATIS, positioned ourselves nicely at the end of the RWY 16 and listed to the scanner waiting to hear it come in.


Change of runway, we’re now landing RWY 27. Damn. The A380 can land on 27 but it’s not preferred so while we’re waiting to see what it’ll do, the scanner battery dies. Maybe I should charge it more than once a year…


Big decision, wait at RWY 16, go to RWY 27 on the off chance or go around to RWY 34… a Virgin aircraft takes off over our heads and the decision is made. We get around to the end of RWY 34, there are plane spotting geeks armed with scanners and binoculars and we know we’re in the right place. At least someone came prepared.


A couple minutes later we see the beast on final!



Bloody Huge!



The tail on this thing is enormous!



Full Right Rudder



About a 15 knot crosswind



Full Left Rudder




Nice one...


Note: Thanks Matt for pointing out my Left and Right rudder comments were back to front i_dunno



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i think full rudder deflection would be a lot more than just the lower rudder only, 747's have a similar setup with upper and lower rudder sections, full deflection is about 40 deg of both sections, the lower section, along with inboard ailerons are only used when at cruise speeds, the upper rudder and outboard ailerons will come into action when flap or leading edge slats are extended, well, in a 747 anyway.



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Thanks for posting those great pictures Kaz! :thumb_up: She must have been an awesome sight watching her coming over the top. And only a couple of hundred feet too, just over the viewing area.







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would it be more for an engine out situation were one section is used for trim and the other section can still be used for full deflection if needed. been meaning to research this as it got my interest as well. i saw it flying over sydney suburbs a couple of days ago. looking forward to flying on it.





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