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cant access some parts of the site ?

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Hi all, i am running a relatively new Mac Book. when i go to post a topic or reply to some threads it comes up that i have insuficient user priveledges and it could be my account may be awaiting confirmation ?


has anyone else had these problems...... it is killing me slowly...



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I have checked your account Adrian and everything looks ok - not sure but just wondering if it is mac related - I have no way of testing, developing or bug finding for a mac but if running windows and IE or Firefox it should be ok - any other suggestions?



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Guest basscheffers

I use this site on three different Macs and its just fine. If you want to test, Ian, there is Safari for Windows - that will get you very close.


Andrew, try deleting cookies for this site and re-login from scratch. You could go to the Safari menu and select "Reset Safari" with "All Cookies" checked. But that will kill all of them. The other way is to go Safari > Preferences. Select the Security tab and click "show cookies". In the search box type "recreationalflying" and click "Remove All".


Hope that helps,





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