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Hello all


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Hi Everyone,


I've recently taken up flying ultralights (had my 4th lesson a few days ago) at goulburn and i'm enjoying it immensely. I wish I had taken this up years ago.


The forum here seems an excellent so I thought i'd come in here and introduce myself. I've particularly enjoyed the guess the airstrip thread.





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Welcome sain. Glad you could join us.


I'm in just down the road in Canberra, but do my flying out of Cooma. It's about the same time either way. I'd like to drop in for a visit some day.


If you have enjoyed the Guess the Airstrip thread, it must be your turn to post one.


Jump on in.





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Welcome Sain.


I'm in Canberra too. I too learned to fly in a Gazelle and still fly it but in Moruya. An easy aircraft to learn in. You'll have an absolute ball flying, especially when you get to your first solo. Be sure to let us all know when you get to that stage how you went and how much you enjoyed it.





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