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Hi all....!


I live in the USA, and am building a Lightning at the TN "builder facility".


It is scheduled to be inspected by the FAA in a couple of weeks.


The guy's Lightning you have pictured, John Davis, is a friend of mine.


We have been building our aircraft pretty much "neck and neck", but John got his finished first.


Am REALLY excited about finishing, and flying this excellent aircraft.;)


I just found this forum, and then found this Lightning thread! :)


If you guys have any questions, I will do my best to answer them for you.


Can't really answer any flight or handling questions yet, but it won't be long!


Best to you all,





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Good to hear from another Lightning man. My aircraft should arrive sometime in February along with at least 2 others. None are flying in Australia just yet. I expect that will change later in 2007. I assume you are on the Matronics forum.


Anyone interested in following-up extra discussions on the Lightning (and other aircraft) should take a look at the Matronics forum at http://forums.matronics.com/


Pud, looking forward to your posts and pictures.



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Hi 'ya Galpin....




I am on the Matronics "Lightning list".


It has really started to get active lately, good to see all the interest in the Lightning.


Please stay in touch,I will post pics and flight info here when I am able.


You will really love how strong that Lightning kit is, very impressive aircraft!


Take care,





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Are you guys keeping track...?


The new Lightnings are popping out of the TN build center at a truly impressive pace!


Take a look :




Looks like there will be many Lightnings screaming across the USA skies!


(I hear from good sources that there will be some zooming across the Aussie skies soon also!):)





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Hello Pud,


Dennis Borchardt's Lightning should be painted during March. Two others in WA are being built, and 3 Lightnings are due in Adelaide within days. One of these has my name on it. Can't wait!



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Alright Galpin!






Please post when your Lightning kit arrives, and let us know how it goes together in your build.


Look forward to hearing about it! ;)





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Lightning Blog


Well It's time to "bite the bullet" and show you all something of the Arion Lightning. There are now about 12 in Australia at various stages of construction, with only one being completed.


One of my sons has set up this Blog, as he didn't think his father could do it. He's probably right. He is the one who will be posting, initially, photos and comments.


Go to: http://gfry.no-ip.org/lightning/


Hope you enjoy it


Any volunteers for sweat and elbow grease!!:yuk:



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G'day Guys,


I'm just back from a caravan holiday that took in a visit the Dennis at Lightning Aircraft in Kingston SA. As a ling time technician working on the English Electric Lightning, I just had to see it's modern day name sake. What a beauty. So sleek. So perfect from any angle. The finish is per excellent and even with out trying it, I WANT ONE. Dennis was busy applying the latest mod to the flaps. I don't know what it so don't ask. Most of the short time I was there, he was under the wing but in one of my photos he's the bearded one standing by the tail. Unfortunately he and his building side-kick (sorry, forgot your name) had to go and do the afternoon school bus run so I got my photos and had to go. As you said Galpin, 3 more kits are due to arrive shortly and Dennis's demonstrator may be up for sale at around the $130K mark. He hasn't costed it out yet. I hope 'my ship comes in' between now and then.


Safe flying guys,

















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