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Final Rough Draft of colour scheme for my new ct


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Hi All


This is the final rough draft of the colour scheme for my new CT.


The only thing is the fin curls need to be more in tune with the curls of the logo - hey I'm no great artist so I am sending this off to Dipankar to make it blend in more.


Any comments???





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Where is your new bird going to nest?Looking great Ian..




Don't know yet Darren but possibly at this stage Riddells Creek or I may look into Wallan to see if it is possible there



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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi Ian ,


Have been following this topic on and off for a while and am wondering what happened to your delightful mock-up posted 11.01.07...#27.


I felt the lines to be elegant, and complimenting of the CTs beautiful shape.


The latest mock-up seems half way between trying to appease the RF logo and the aircraft.....hate to be a killjoy but it seems you have done better in earlier suggestions. The introduction of curls does not seem to sit with the natural line of your beautiful aircraft, and (might as well put my neck on the block completely) the lines from front to rear lack graceful monement as shown in early versions.


Ouch...now I feel bad, but in the final analysis, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hope this helps....sincerely!!





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Don't worry about hurting my feelings there John - I am a left brain thinker - analytical, and not right brain which is conceptual hence why I am getting opinions. Like everyone of us, we all want our own aircraft to look great.


Hmmm - you got me thinking again



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The Logo on the tail is back to front.


Like it except for the Breaking Waves on the tail. I think that replicating the way the stripes start on the tail would look nicer.


(As Ian looks for the BAN button.)



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House of the Rising CT Prices


There is a Aircraft built today


They call it the CT


It's the financial ruin of many a poor boy


And one of them was me


My mother was a tailor


She sewed my jeans for me


A wealthy woman she'd be now


If she'd just sold CTs


So, pilots, sell your children


But don't do as I now do


‘Cause you know when I get this thing paid off


They'll bring out the New CT!


# # #(words by Tim Ward of Mira Loma, Californiato the tune of the song "House of the Rising Sun"written and sung on the album "The Best of the Animals"



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Well Peter, you have heard the saying - The only difference between a Man and a Boy...is the price of his toys - so going by this then you would have to say that Only Real Men fly CTs 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif



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