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Recreational Flying's Birthday Today


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Hi All


Recreational Flying is 2 years old today - Hooray - Yes, two years ago today our first domain name ultralight.net.au was registered.


Haven't we come a long way? Two years of hard work has seen the site become the leading Australian central point on the internet for all that share the joys of flying recreational aircraft.


Ultralight.net.au was registered and a basic website created that included a forum that was to fill the gap in cross Australia communication by enabling RA-Aus ultralight pilots to come together and discuss any aspect of our love of flying ultralight aircraft. The success of that initial site prompted the name change to Recreational Flying to broaden the member base from just ultralights to include microlights and weight shift and the new LSA category at the other end of the scale.


The site now provides support to all recreational pilots to assist them in flying safer, help and assistance in maintaining their aircraft, the swapping of stories and experiences in a live instant chat room that has video, sound and text communication, a photo gallery to show off our pride and joys, Google Earth on airstrips around Australia and much much more.


BUT, we are not stopping there! Over the next year the plan is to focus on:


1. Increase Membership - whilst we are already advertising each month in the RA-Aus magazine we will embark on greater promotion of the site by presence at Avalon and Narromine. The more members we can have here the greater sharing of information that will hopefully help us all to stay safe and enjoy our flying much more. Target: Greater than 1,000 regular members (Regular = once every 2 weeks).


2. Member Retention - we will conduct a survey soon to ascertain a benchmark in user satisfaction and seek to improve on the results that the survey provides by conducting the same survey in 6 and 12 month intervals. This will give some guidance to what users want from the site and help to retain satisfied users that keep on coming back. Target: Show improvement by measuring each month for the next year the user retention and implement initiatives derived from the survey results.


3. Interactive Special Events - conduct interactive special events each month in the video chat room on specific topics of interest that help us to learn more about an aspect of our flying. Target: 12 x monthly events that are full with 50 members participating and demand from members to increase the available places.


4. Shop - a product range that caters to all member's needs at prices less then anywhere else for the same products. Target: Provide a service (not a business) to members by cheaper prices then anywhere else whilst at the same time providing enough return to cover greater then 50% of the website costs to assist in minimising the financial burden of establishing and maintaining this new website. Excess returns to be put back into site improvements.


5. Tools - provide a range of member required tools such as flight planning software, personal trip databases, downloadable free software for Club Aircraft Management etc etc etc (actual inclusions will be ascertained by polls on member requirements). Target: A range of aviation tools that satisfy member requirements to enhance their site usage and flying experiences.


6. Training - provide all the necessary information that will assist students to enhance their training. Target: To be the number 1 place for all students online training information needs.


The above are the objectives that will be focused on for the next year although, as the year progresses, other objectives may become apparent such as the possible need to have a Recreational Flying discount fuel card and others (which hopefully you will all let me know about)


The Mission:


Recreational Flying IS the number one online place for all the flying needs and communication of Australian Recreational Pilots that fly Microlights, Rag & Tube Ultralights, General Ultralights and Plastic Fantastic LSA's


REMEMBER - This site is YOUR site and you have made it what it is today and with your feedback we can make it even better!


Happy 2nd Birthday Recreational Flying 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif



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Guest pelorus32

Congratulations and Thank You Ian


Hi Ian,


Congratulations on what you have achieved.


What your post doesn't say is the amount of energy and effort, not to mention cash, that you have put into this site. I'd like to say a huge thanks to you for that.


I'd also like to say thanks to all the other people in the team - Chris, Paul, Ed, Slarti...who have I forgotten? They put in a great deal of unsung effort.


Finally a big thanks to the other members who ultimately are the one's who make the site what it is.


Kindest birthday wishes.





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Guest David C

Ian ,


Thanks mate on providing a fantastic arena in which we can communicate and share our love of flying with the world . I know I speak for all when I say congratulations and may we go from strength to strength .





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It's not easy running a forum and a web site and guys you all have done one hell of a job...the best forum around......Happy Birthday



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Guest pelorus32
Turtle ... who contributes more than the rest of us ;).Paul


PS Thanks for the kind thoughts Mike

Bugger :confused:


Very sorry Turtle...thanks to you also.


Kind regards





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