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dont wanna sound stupid

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my brother and i where driving through melton where my family lives. we drove past a house where i saw a jabiru tail poking out... all excited i said to my brother look at that beauty... he replied oh that belongs to "boyd" or somthing like that... i said thanks for telling me.


my family gets along well with evan at melton airfield and we visit reguraly i often venture over there to say hello and help out with different things but have not been over there for a fair while.


apperantly this bloke has other aircraft over at the airfield...


now my question...... do i just go to this house and say hi..... i see you have a jabiru. can i have a look i am interested in building one ?


or do you think that would be rude and the right way to get a smack in the mouth ?........ i would like to see one being built this is why i ask....



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That would belong to Boyd May. PM me and I can give you his details if you wish. I'm quite sure he won't punch you in the mouth if you ask. He likes to help out people building kits etc. He has built a number of Jabs. His aircraft (J200) won best homebuilt at Narromine a couple of years ago and it's hangared along with another J200 at Melton. He also sells glass props for Jab engines. Of course, it's not as fast as my mighty J400!



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pm sent thanks for the replies..


p.s if i aint back for a while i am buried under boyds shed :big_grin:


no actualy because as i wright this my fiance is in labour 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif


pitty she is not giving birth to a jab 230 :;)1:



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Put yourself in his shoes. If you were building would you punch someone in the mouth for calling at the door? If the answer is yes you may get that response but I think the answer is No.



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