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Hangar Space Needed


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Hi All


The only problem with a new plane is you have to find somewhere to keep it.


Does anyone know of any hangar space that may be available as close to Melb North/Eastern suburbs as possible for a CTsw?


Greatly appreciated if you have any suggestions!



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Guest AusDarren

I know a spot just opened up at Melton as Boyd May has just moved his J200 to Bachus Marsh (this week)


Evan Reeve is the guy you need to speak to if your interested 9746 1342



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There's nothing available at Tooradin sorry. Would DEFINITELY let you know if there was, as we need your aircraft there to make the Jabs look more appealing to potential pilots ;)



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At the moment I am keeping the CT at Riddells Creek in one of their new hangars - they don't have doors on yet but will have soon and they will be electrically operated - costing me $37 a week inc gst.


The Gazelle is still up at Port Macquarie with the club up there helping them out to decide if they need a 2nd aircraft or not.



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