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old man emu

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Hello, all.


My name's Mark. I post regularly on a radio controlled modellers' forum, but I've joined yours to keep up to speed on Jabarus.


I'm hoping to start an LAME apprenticeship in 2008. That's going to be my sea change. I'm hoping to retire from my present profession by mid 2007; have a holiday on England and come back to start the apprenticeship.


I'm currently getting some experience at a GA maintenance facility in the Sydeny area, and regularly work on Jabarus which are being used for ab initio training, so I see some things that are worth reporting.


Hope I can contribute useful info to your forums.




Old Man Emu



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G'day Mark,


Welcome to the forum mate, We always need a LAME on this forum, especially on Rec. aircraft as it is now booming country wide. I am sure you will find plenty of work in the next 4 years of your apprenticeship on the Jab's as they are a very good, popular aircraft being able to register under GA aswell!! I am looking forward in seeing your posts, I know I will need a tip or 2 in the near future ,You'll have to learn about the Rotax 912's too!! ;)





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Guest David C

Mark .


Welcome mate . I see you are a Mt Annan person . You're in luck !! . There is a very friendly flying group just up the road from you at The Oaks Airfield , near Camden . Why not pop in , weekends are usually the busiest , and have a look at our set up . There is also a very active r/c flying group there . I am sure you have a good time . You could also grab a flight in a Jab too .





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