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February 2007


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OK the competition to win the next three editions of Australian Flying magazine for absolutely FREE has opened for February so start posting any of your pictures or stories in this thread - got to be in it to win it so GOOD LUCK! :).


Oh, also don't forget a Caption for your image and just say if you also have another copy of the image that is:


  • jpg format
  • at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) at a usable size (say 6" x 4" or around 16 x 10 cms)
  • and if to be considered as a cover pic - in vertical format
  • aircraft(s) identified in caption


So if you win your picture could go into Australian Flying.


Get those pictures in now and show us all what you've got!!!



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Namibia on the Right / South Africa on the left !!


I took this flying from Botswana to the Orange River, the border is the fence..miles and miles of nothing, only way to tell was the Pilot3 GPS had it marked as a "International border".


more to follow Paul


aka ZULU1





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Other side of the continent Mozambique / South Africa


This is the border between South Africa and Mozambique with Kosi Bay in the distance, the point is known as Ponto "D" Ouro. Taken from Mozambican airspace.. I have all in large format..





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Kosi Bay Northrn KZN


This photo is of the Kosi Bay world heritage site, the fish kraals are visible and used by the local tribes to spear fish on the return of the tide. They swim in and get caught like a "valve" on tide turn. This was taken before the ban on low flying over these parks was enforced. The area is rich in Elephant and the rest of the big five. Truly a wonderful opportunity to fly the region and I believe that it is a good thing it has been enforced..The previous pics of Ponto are about 5 kmms further North.


Glad you are all enjoying them will dig up some more..


Cheers Paul





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ZULU1 can you please clear your email inbox as the emails that the forum automatically sends you to advise of a new post keep bouncing back to me. The only alternative I have is to disable this feature in your settings.


Thanks for your help!



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Ian I have cleared my Inbox


Thanks all for the comments, this is a picture of the Kalahari, I flew a few years back through it in mid winter. Not far from this point I was fortunate enough to view a Bushman. That was a truly memorable flying moment as they are living still in the natural environment..No taxes, internet nothing..Where did we go wrong ??This is the North Western Cape bordering Namibia.



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Trike over Inanda Dam KZN


I particularly like this shot as it really depicts the wonderful freedom that trike flying gives us, I took this on flim and scanned it and only recently changed to Digital. For our aerial work I use a FUJI 9500 do to weight after a few hours usage.





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This is the saddest pic I have taken


This was my best mates Zlin Savage from the Czech Republic, it had completed 15hrs and we had just completed his avionics. In the background is the remnants of the hangar. Very sad for all at Cato Ridge. This plane was insured, I have posted this to show what can happen. Not a pleasant posting but just take car in all aspects of aviation. It doesnt stop when you land.





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Polikarpov I-153


Yeah, you're right, forward visibility was a problem. VFR navigation must have been a right royal pain in the @!*&rse!


The I-153 actually entered production several years after this I-16 monoplane.




In both aircraft the cockpit sides came right up to pilot's shoulder level [ATTACH]1405[/ATTACH][ATTACH]1406[/ATTACH]


On the I-153 and the top wing cut back down to the fuse in front of the pilot to give him a gap to see through.


[ATTACH]1404[/ATTACH] Once flying in a level attitude the display pilot said the vis wasn't too bad, but landings were "tricky".


In flight the Polikarpov's are fast, agile little planes, with a fantastic flat low pitched exhaust note from the 1000 or so round horses up front. "Harley Davidson on steroids" was the most popular comment.


The Polikarpovs and the Lavochkin LA9 were probably my favourite display aircraft.




World's only flying LA-9













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