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Los Angeles sightseeing

Guest Sabre

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To all you well travelled aviators. I'm going to L.A over the weekend and was wondering if there is anything in aviation worth seeing or visiting??????





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I don't know of anything aviation, but last time I was there I went to Disney Land, Universal Studios and Hollywood :-)


Universal is a good day out. Catch a bus from your hotel and after an hour or so you're there. If you go on the ET ride you might feel like you're flying, however that's the closest to anything aviation that I can think of.



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You've definitely got to check out Venice Beach.


Lots of people flying there.


Good to see you're practising your American spelling too. Traveled? :clown:


On a more helpful note, you could try The Western Museum of Flight.


It's just moved to Torrance from Redondo Beach. Looks interesting, but I haven't checked it out.





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I think you can overfly LA international in a GA plane. I seem to remember seeing photos taken from a GA lane which goes right over the centre of tha runways.


Of course in USA a GA pilot can go into any airport that doesn't have a security blanket around it.


Ian Borg



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Thanks guys I'll check things out and go hunting for aviation places to visit. OH the forum must be using a US spellchecker please forgive



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