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Hi all,


Ive been a bit hit and miss with flying so far and look forward to getting serious. Flew in pipers alot with my dad (ppl). At 17, I did some gliding with Air Training Corp in Renmark. Went solo. Did some aircraft maintenance in Darwin - engines & airframes (general aviation). Started an ultrlight licence at Murray Bridge and then had a baby, did some more, had a baby....you get the picture. I have been solo in Jabiru with about 30 hrs. Now living in the Barossa, my baby days are done and I'm getting social before I do more flying (while I save some dollars for flying)! keen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gif


Take care,





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Hi Kerry, welcome back to the real world, and this site. Looking at your avatar, you flew with RPA at MB. If so, I've flow that plane as well. Being in the Barossa, I guess you'll be going to Gawler for further training?


Having 'had a baby' I'm guessing you're of the female variety (Kerry is also male) so you're even more welcome than some of the old pharts we get here.



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