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  1. Is there any more videos that belong to this set? They're quite an informative bunch of videos for anyone working on or contemplating buying a drifter. Cheers, Acky.
  2. Acky

    160 or 170 jab

    170 wins in my book. Identical fuselage to the j160, but longer wings. Better short field performance, much better usable load, however, it will float along the runway a bit if you're a few kts too fast on shirt final though. From the 160's and 170's I've flown the 170 seems to be 4 or 5 knots slower.
  3. While we're on the subject of fpv, here's a video from a mate that was taken early this week. Human error, forgot to put antenna on and I think he had the return to home mis configured.. It certainly didn't function correctly. Quiet an expensive day out.
  4. This is how my current aerobatic fleet stands. Dynam Pitts Python, E-flite Yak54, ST-Models MX2, and Hobby King Pitts and MX2. I realised after I took the picture that i'm missing the Ultra-micro sbach 347 and Pitts Beast from the picture. Also have a Hangar 9 Pawnee, F27Q Stryker, F27C Stryker, Mig 15, A 40 sized nitro trainer, Fox Glider, Trex 450SE v2 Heli, Scarab QuadCopter setup for FPV, and a few foamie shock flyers.
  5. I was taught to always remove the cowl and do a thorough under cowl engine inspection as part of a daily. And I know others that learnt to fly at other schools have been taught the same. Personally, I think it's a good idea and plan to keep doing so.
  6. 95kg would be about the book max front seat weight for a drifter!
  7. Tomo, I' don't want to be in any crash!!
  8. John, Remember the J170 has a 600kg mtow, and the J160 is 540kg. The A22LS is 600kg Mtow as well, with the A22L being lower. Being on the heavier side as well, i mostly fly the J170 for the MTOW. MTOW and usable load are the first think i evaluate when i look at an aircraft! If it cant carry 2 110kg guys and a some fuel.... there aint much point in flying it for me. I really wish there was a foxbat or two for hire and fly around SA. That looks like 4971 in your picture. I fly 5246 and 7560. Cheers.
  9. Doug, You been flying around Bowhill I see. do you mind if i pass that on to the property owners in the pic?? They're good friends and almost neighbours of mine. Cheers, Acky.
  10. Woohoo!!, Have u looked into flying closer to home yet? or going to keep treking to the riverland to fly for a while? I'll let you know next time i have a spare seat..... it's odd sitting in the right hand seat and NOT flying when you're very used to the left and being PIC! Well done :)
  11. Hey Gnu, the 170, but it's been identified and sorted :)
  12. Hey SAJ.... the iPad with ozrunways was in my flight bag.... but in the spirit of the exercise, I didn't get it out!
  13. It was a great day, dodging a rain shower or 2 just adds to the adventure!! Even got treated to some impressive Aeros from a Pitts when i got back to Murray Bridge. Always great to watch!
  14. I can guarantee an experience not necessarily good tho But in all seriousnes, saturday was a great morning flying around with SAJabiruflyer. Lots of fun was had, and contrary to popular belief, I can report that he is a competent and safe pilot and CAN land a jabiru.
  15. Rick, Have you seen the ipad knee dock? http://kneedock.com.au/ Your mounting options are going to be different depending on the panel and instruments you have. I've used ozrunways on the ipad quite a bit with it sitting on my leg. Works pretty well. Cheers.
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