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  1. You may well be competent, but for the crank overhaul Rotax have specified that it must be done by a Rotax approved facility, so doing it yourself does not comply with the maintenance schedule. Of course this is irrelevant if you aren't LSA or Training.
  2. Except that RAAus has specifically excluded operating an engine "on condition" in LSA and flight training. Tech Manual 12.6.2 “On-condition” is not available for LSA unless the manufacturer states otherwise. and 12.5.2 5.2 Moving an aircraft from “Privately Operated” to “For Hire and/or Flying Training”: Any Factory Built 95.32 or 95.55 Aircraft which has been operating privately with an “on condition” engine, must have that engine overhauled or replaced prior to that aircraft being used for hire and/or flying training. The replacement engine must
  3. The whole idea of training for this event is to do away with the delay. It has been an issue in several crashes I have read about, where the pilot did exactly as they practiced in a real emergency with a bad result. In any case if you ae more than a couple of hours into your training, changing the AoA with varying thrust should be pretty much instinctive. Meaning that as the power comes off (doesn't matter whether it's because you reduced it of it failed), you automatically maintain the correct AoA for safe flight. I believe that any instructor that teaches you to wait to do anything
  4. While I don't care too much for Boeing, this whole has been nothing more than a witch hunt, promoted by a heap of lawyers and people justifying their jobs, like many other "scandals" in current times. It's about politics more than anything else. The actions of the Ethiopian crew were inexcusable as the AD was released addressing the very issue before it occurred. Finally when they got around to carrying out the correct actions and had it under control, they undid the corrective action. It has nothing to do with what I "could have handled" and a lot to do with the fact that seve
  5. According to Juan Brown MCAS was there to make it feel like the normal 737 to avoid further type training. The procedure for "Runaway Trim" has been in the flight manual the whole time if I understand correctly and the second crash occurred after an AD regarding this procedure, which makes the incompetence of the pilots inexcusable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhSVtLXtIrw
  6. You will find a thread on this site started by Maj Millard saying the same thing.
  7. No problem at all really unless you use a third world airline and in that case it really doesn't matter what aircraft you are getting on.
  8. Had it about 2 years. It does what it's supposed to do. It's a bit small, but that was also the point of buying one. My only real criticism is that it could be a bit brighter, but I could probably fix that with a little sunshade. I use the HSI screen a lot.
  9. I just use a solid set of snips.... cut the rolled seam off the end and it just comes apart.
  10. Why not disconnect the alternator phases before the regulator?
  11. I can only offer experience with the Skyview Classic, and it's terrific, but costs more than my whole aircraft. I have an UltraEfis fitted in mine and I like it.
  12. Are you sure about that? Mine flies with me regularly, sometimes I wish she wouldn't.
  13. According the tech manual it is mandatory to follow the manufacturer's schedule if it is LSA (factory built) also mandatory if the aircraft is an older 25 or 55 rego AND being used for training. With homebuilt and experimental, the builder effectively writes the maintenance schedule. In short, you can run your engine on condition (following the manufacturer's operating maintenance schedule at the correct intervals- oil, plugs, filters etc) unless it's being used for training or an LSA.
  14. Check section 12.6 of the Tech Manual It tells you about what is required for engine maintenance
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