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  1. Here is someone who used an MT CS prop. Perhaps there is generally silence because your responses are abrasive and bordering on rude. It appears that every response is met with ridicule.
  2. For those in the industry it's far from hilarious. The Original article may be a joke, bit I assure you that it's not that different in reality. It bothers me greatly that our Police Service now thinks it's the Special Forces and our Defence Force is now more like a "Special School" competing to see just how "woke" they can be. It's not a good sign.
  3. Aware of that Skippy, that's why I said a CS prop would be beneficial. Airmaster is the only significant experience I have. No problems with them and they are available with different blade type options. If I was buying one , they would be my choice. If you don't understand the merits of the CS pop, don't get one.
  4. Then, I think that a CS prop is probably going to provide some benefit. The Rotax owner website recommends setting up for Max continuous (around 5500 RPM) at WOT straight and level. If the Zephyr is a clean as you reckon, there may well be another 10 kts to be gained. The only CS prop I have had a few hours behind is a 3 blade Airmaster in another slippery airframe. I think that it does a great deal for the aircraft. It gets full power on takeoff and climbout around 60 kts while knuckling down with speeds over 130kts at times. It is also simple to operate and can be feathered
  5. Skippy....What RPM do you get at WOT takeoff and what RPM do you get at WOT straight and level?
  6. What that means is that the Zephyr must be aerodynamically dirtier than you think. The laws of physics remain....Increase thrust or reduce drag. For something with a broad range of speed like your Zephyr the CS prop is likely to give some good gains. At which end, and how much you won't know until you try.
  7. I had to tell an acquaintance that I couldn't take him for a fly. I could have been under MTOW if I took a light fuel load and had a short flight, but would have exceeded my aft CoG limit even before I took off.
  8. Hahaha.....Nosewheel.......🤣 OzRunways has section in the aircraft library where you can create your own W&B envelope and load different configurations. I have set up several configs and find it really helpful.
  9. Do you think it possible that the balance tube might be a contributing factor? Balancing the the negative pressure in the manifolds despite the fact that one can only use a portion of the other.
  10. My best explanation would be that when you put more fuel in than the engine Can use, there is more unburned fuel leaving through the Exhaust.
  11. It has been good to see that the responses are generally the same as the path I took. While working on it, I knocked the exhaust pipe with my knee and thought I heard a faint rattle. I gave it a thump on the side and sure enough something was adrift inside the muffler can. I cut the end off and found a largish piece of baffle had been floating about in there. The design of the can allowed the piece to partially block the outlet and likely one side of the can at times depending on where it got stuck. I was likely the rattle heard at idle was the loose piece, but it wasn't audible from
  12. Power certainly did drop, fortunately being a hot day there was plenty of lift about. I had fresh 98 in it, and then put some fresh 100LL in it. Filter is clean. Float bowls clean and correct levels. CHT was normal for the weather, EGTs may have indicated differently if they were fitted, but this installation has none. I didn't even think of that, but probably because there were no weird noises when turning by hand. I have experienced this also, but only at idle. Float bowls were checked immediately after shutdown when the abrupt power drop occurred on ground run.
  13. It has pod filters which are in good condition and it is in the high 20's low 30's in temp with about 25% humidity.
  14. I will add at this time an acquaintance came over when I was faultfinding and leaned on the prop. He then started moving the prop back and forwards listening to the tiny amount of backlash in the gears and commented that he could hear that when it was idling. It's not the problem but it's a clue.
  15. Mags checked out serv. Wiring all good. Intermittent problem still there
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