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  1. More P-40 flying..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJZ5x-zUx28
  2. I reckon that big wide track undercarriage might have something to do with that.
  3. This is the sort of damage I found after stripping back the conduit which had no visible damage. Very similar symptoms....Working just fine the wouldn't start one day. No spark. Changed modules....still no spark.
  4. That's 1 ohm (resistance) one other check also would be to put the meter on one of the cables at a time and the the other meter probe on the engine. That will tell you if they are shorted to the cases.
  5. By "vey low" I mean less than 1 ohm. Also, it changed when wriggling the cables.
  6. I'd lay money that it's got more to do with the lack of low level training in the syllabus. From what I've seen a lot of the low level stall/spins are after an event like an engine fail and being very uncomfortable manoeuvring close to the ground, make serious mistakes. I may be wrong, as I don't know what other instructors teach these days, but the ones I use insist on competency with slow flight, stalls and recovery, and such.
  7. Do a resistance check on the stator, the two wires that go to the ignition units. I had a similar issue a while back. The flywheel/rotor had bee removed and the stator inspected IAW the SB with no visible damage noted some time prior. I did all the things you have done and found nothing....until the resistance check, which was very low. I removed the flywheel/rotor and there was no obvious damage, but them I removed the sheath from the two wires to find that both of them were extremely munted up. Once separated the resistance check was normal. After being quoted a ridiculous price fo
  8. I suggest having a read of the POH. Under "EMERGENCIES". You will find a procedure for unintentional spinning there.
  9. Well, if you look on the bright side....If anything goes wrong they are the only casualty. It makes absolutely no difference to the rest of us. If that's what they want to do, let them go.
  10. 不不 不不不 Well at least someone at the gliding club has a sense of humour
  11. R22s also have a well designed fan forced air cooling system and is unlikely to experience high power followed by shock cooling as they are generally at a high power setting the whole time the machine is airborne, very much unlike the average Lyc powered glider tug that gets many high power then back to zero cycles in a day then self destructs in less than a thousand hours.
  12. Yes, there's a reason most vehicle manufacturers put the fuel pump in the tank.
  13. That one was a Subaru. One also has to consider whether the engine failed or the installation caused a stoppage.
  14. I had that experience...Took me a while to diagnose because it was intermittent and difficult to reproduce the fault on the ground.
  15. Well, If it's your aircraft, do what you like. Just make sure you document that. You might get away with skipping torque checks (not with a wood prop), but checking and lubricating hinges and pivots, general deterioration and oil changes need close inspection if they've not had much use. There is nothing worse for a machine than infrequent use. You might also notice that oil/engine manufacturers will specify so many hours or months. Oil oxidises and loses some of it's properties.
  16. If you've only flown a few hours it probably needs a thorough inspection anyway. The less it's flown, generally the more there is that is likely to be wrong with it. The bare minimum is that which is spelled out in the engine and airframe manual. Generally be more thorough if you value your life.
  17. Actually, their track record is pretty good....I'm pretty sure virtually every A series crash investigation I've read about involved pilots flying a perfectly good aircraft into the ground because they didn't know what they were doing.
  18. Doesn't anyone have some flying to do?
  19. Yes, Easily done if they wanted to,, but why change the rego number? It's pretty much how you identify the exemption it's operated under. An Annual isn't problem we are required to do them now, and much like GA, who's policing it? We already have BFRs, just as GA do and the same goes for policing it. Those who do them will have it recorded in a logbook just like GA. While I have no problem with picking these people up, if they haven't paid $84K in fines, why would they start paying now? I'm quite certain that the regulators that come up with some of this stuff really h
  20. Use a small gun turret with head tracker like the AH-4 and Tiger......不
  21. 2019- 168 hrs 2020- 180hrs The main difference in my flying is that I haven't left the state since January.
  22. Did you sling the Avon over your back for 20 000 K?
  23. Probably wasn't the exhaust noise they were worried about....Most likely the screeching rear tyre and smoke while OK was doing donuts out the front of the cop station不
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