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  1. Can you give any info, please, on how old the engine was when it was installed, reliabiloity, TBO etc, etc. There was an a/c for sale 12 or so months ago with a BMW engine, don't think it was a Thruster though. Thanks
  2. In my training in a Jab 170C, just after take off the instructor closed the throttle. I wasn't expecting it so close to the ground to be honest, but I lowered the nose, went into a tight turn, instructor says tighter still, then rudder only to straighten, and we were over the threshhold safely. When I asked how high we were, "about 250 feet" was the response. However, he did warn against practising that on my own. I have heard of Jabs being turned around much lower. But from much more experienced pilots, "....it depends on the aircraft, would never attempt an
  3. I have re-checked and apparently it was not a Jab, but an FK aircraft. Ooops, my bad.
  4. I recall seeing a Jab here in W.A. with a Smart car engine. Don't have rego or other details.
  5. I think in a previous post, someone mentioned making sure you can physically fit into the aircraft. I've been looking for nearly two years, sadly, and complicated by very few aircraft for sale in W.A. I have struggled to get into a CA25, barely sqeezed into an Aeropup, (could not cope with that on a daily basis) I'm not that flexible, and it's getting worse each year. First time in a CH200, my head was resting against the canopy. Placed a much thinner cushion on the seat, and solved that problem, until I put headphones on, and again, head against canopy. I'm 6'2", about 187 cm, both our so
  6. My wife was born in Edinburgh, moved to England at about 7 years old, been in Oz for about 30 years now. When we first met, sometimes I would struggle to understand what she was saying, not because of an accent, but her sentence structure. "Have you not got any bread?" Big pause while I would try to understand.....I was more used to someone saying, "haven't you got any bread?" There were many similar phrases. Then one day her mother asked if I was hungry, and did I "....want a piece for lunch?" "err, yes please, but a piece of what?" A piece is Scottish for a sandwich!!!
  7. Paul, I have no knowledge of the cars you mention, their RPM at 110km/h nor their longevity, so I will not comment, but it is an interesting point. Is gearing the answer???? My Suzuki V-Strom 1100 has 6 gears (5 + OD), and I don't bother with 6th(OD) unless I'm doing at least 85 km/h. It certainly drops the revs.
  8. One factor touched on a few times, but never (I do not believe) answered, is the fact that auto engines, (including motorbike engines) are not designed to run at high revs continuously. Now I'm the first to admit, I'm no engineer or mechanic, and I am firmly in the camp of, "turn the key, make a noise, let's go". I had a Yamaha XJ900 Diversion. 900 cc air/oil cooled 4 cylinder inline. Sold it with about 230,000kms done.......I say about because the odometer didn't work for the last 2 years I owned it. Not a bad run. From memory it was redlined at 9000rom. But I never got there. The closes
  9. I can possibly relay a message to him......can you PM me a number and reason for the contact???? he operates put of the SLACWA strip at Bindoon.
  10. Is it killing it??? Hard to say, but today there are options that weren’t available previously. what do you own and/or fly, Old Man Emu?
  11. Many good comments here, but.. i was infected with the flying bug, about 1963, as a 5 year old at the opening of the Bunbury, W,A. airstrip in 1963. Flying displays, and skydivers. I can still see the parachutist who landed off the premises walking past me, in his white overalls, with bundles of canopy in his arms . And the aircraft!!!!!!!! and the aircraft. So, I scratched the skydiving itch many yesrs ago, then discovered the AUF, In about 1990. Quicksilvers were pretty flash back then, along with Thrusters, Drifters, and many more. Along comes marriage, mortgages, many years
  12. Sorry I may be late to this thread, but have just seen your post. Red rag, meet bull. Yes, my poor parents purchased a brand new shit box, otherwise known as a Hillman Hunter in 1971/1972. 3 days after purchase, this was a new car, it could not be started. The dealer had a mechanic on our front lawn for 4 days trying to get it started. Yep, mechanic spent 4 days working on our front lawn. Other issues, the glovebox fell into the passengers lap. Window winders fell off. and numerous other issues. Generally, a piece of excrement. As for your comment, "you can’t knock a Hilman Hun
  13. Thanks. Back to the original question. Cheers.
  14. A supplementary question, if I may. Your Rotax is, for argument’s sake, 1900 hours and 10 years old, (according to whatever the previous answer is). Do you overhaul or bin it and get a new one??? I am told there’s not a lot of difference in price between the two options.
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