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  1. Goid question Bruce. re the “bunnytail”, pages 9-13 discuss the various deployment systems if you want a better understanding of the differences between ripcord, bunnytail or throwaway. Canopy deployment ststems. Scroll to page 9
  2. Great story bloke. So did you enjoy being a "test pilot"??? 🙂 I loved the bunnytail except for the fact that it started playing with my mind, I would lose the bunnytail on every second jump, seriously. Obviously managed to find it, but ended up converting to a throwaway. No don't recall a Rod White. Did a bit of jumping out of Violet Town in Victoria in the late 80s. Pilot was a Buckley......was Ben Buckley the famous one? I recall this guy being his brother. In-flight door was a big plus in the cold of a Victoprian winter My main dropzone in W.A. was Lake Clifton, manag
  3. Re Bleriot, I read years ago that it was only the fact that it rained on his flight, thus cooling the Anzani, that enabled him to complete the journey. Can't find verification of that at the moment. Re the skydivers error, years ago I was jumping using a "bunnytail" to deploy the main, great system but the bunnytail is prone to being dislodged from its keepers, or if you are as clumsy as I am, I was regularly "losing" it while trying to deploy. Sadly, many have died, "chasing the bunny tail into the ground". I.e., The deployment device is sitting just above your back, and people
  4. The aircraft involved is currently for sale. It has been re-built. Just out of interest
  5. Jabiru7252, my point exactly, the more oil, the greater the opportunity/time for it to lose the heat it has carried away.
  6. Interetsed to hear thoughts on this point: Increasing the volume of oil carried by the engine. I think I have mentioned before how my old 900cc 4 cyl Yamaha engine had 2.7l oil, 2.9l if changing the filter as well. My Griso 1100cc and V-Strom 1000 cc, (although the V-Strom is also water cooled) both carry nearly 3 litres of oil, for an engine half the size of the Jab. Surely more circulating oil would assist in cooling the hot bits???
  7. Garfly, thanks for posting that video. Cheers.
  8. I had phone chat with Skippy about this recently, and again, what you've said is consistent with his chat to me. I do not doubt that someone with the necessary skills and time would be getting a bargain. But I am not that person. Sometime ago, one of my instructors said, "never fly in a home built aircraft, unless you've built it yourself" My retort, "I would never want to fly in something I built!!!!" BTW, another aircraft has just hit the market, and it is here in W.A. (It's on planesales and gumtree) A Bantam with a Jab 2200. Very well priced. Tempted, except for t
  9. what about this section, which appears to relate to all types Doesn’t that apply?
  10. I just googled and got this https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2008L04568 and http://services.casa.gov.au/airworth/airwd/ADfiles/enggen/eng/ENG-004.pdf
  11. Learn something everyday. Although, this quote from AD/ENG/4 Amdt 11, seems to give priority to the manufacturer's "published time between overhaul"
  12. To add some context, i had previously discussed with “Skippy” last week, or the week before. Re his Atar. I am not capable of undertaking a “project”, which I explained, I did not think Skippy’s post was OTTL FFS people, lighten up. spend more time flying. Not talking. I am just trying to find something in my price range, which meets some parameters. skippy’s aircraft meets them all, apart from cost.
  13. I had not read that ad before, as I was not looking for a trike, but am I wrong in saying that this is none of the Government’s business? What I’m saying is that the Govt, can mandate more checks than the manufacturer recommends, thinking ADs and the like, here, but if the manufacturer says 300 hours, no Government in their right mind, surely, would say, “Hey Rotax, you are being too conservative here, let’s stretch it out.” Imagine the lawsuits!!!!
  14. Indeed, I check on a dialy basis, aviationclassifieds.com.au Aviationtrader.com.au planesales.com.au gumtree ebay lightaircraftsales sportaircraftsales bovationaircraftsales a couple of cluib newsletters and marketplace fora. Not forgetting on FB, aircraft for sale Australia, and aviation buysell and swap Australia, plus a couple more. There are classifieds on the aopa website, but they don't appear to be updated. Anywhere else I should be looking?? 🙂
  15. Why indeed?? I would love to. 🙂 Well Sean, comes down to one thing. Cash....or lack thereof.
  16. What am I looking for? Something i can fit into for starters....exclude Aeropup, CH200, side hinged canopy Zenair 601. For that reason, ideally something in W.A. that I can see and touch.....and see if I fit relating to height and lack of flexibility. There is a Brumby on the market, a bit over my budget, but it is a potential fit, except getting back to W.A. would likely blow the budget. Not after any of the Jabirus with the fuel tank in the cockpit. (Yes I know that crashing is never a good career move, but that layout just does not tickle my fancy) I have h
  17. Well it has worsened. As of a few minutes ago, down to 10 ads, including one hangar for sale, and one trike. So only 8 aircraft. so sad, been looking fir two years.
  18. The aircraft in question was listed for sale in the recent Lloyds aircraft auction, and I believe was sold. i recall reading some of the info, which included, “ ...the aircraft has not flown for 5 years, however it has been ground run, and fluids changed.” Now I don’t know if the pilot was the purchaser. The one thing I do know, is just how devastating it has been for the family. Sincere condolences.
  19. There was a similar discussion a few motnhs back, and there was some speculation people would start selling their "toys" (I use that word very loosely) as the effects of the COVID economic contraction took hold. As has happeened before, e.g. GFC. It doesn't appear to be taking hold.
  20. Thanks for your response, but my reading of the Rotax data indicates the 582 has a 300 hour TBO. Doesn't this mean an overhaul is mandated??? Tks.
  21. Just in simple terms, anyone have a rough cost estimate for a 300 hour overhaul on a 582, please?
  22. I use maps......about to do my Nav endorsement!
  23. Just using your post, Yenn, to provide context (I hope) for my comments. If the issue is lack of instructors/schools using Drifters, then surely that is a result of supply and demand???? There used to be several instructors using Drifters as the ab initio aircraft, but no more....why is it so???? Personally, I would love to fly a Drifter, just for the buzz of sitting on a boom, with the wind in my hair. 🙂 But would I buy one???? NO. At 62, with a new RPC under my belt, I am only ever going to buy one aircraft. (Explains why I am still looking after 2 years scour
  24. There was a Fisher Celebrity fir sale in W.A. A little while ago. RILEY who sometimes frequents these pages might be able to give you more info.
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