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Jabiru kit real (total) cost.


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To all you Jabiru kit builders. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of what you spent to get your kits completed. I have a pretty good idea of what the various kits are worth to purchase, but would like to know what to expect to pay over the top of the basic kit.


I also realise that this could be an open ended question 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif as the price would be very dependant on the avionics and accessories fitted, but every answer would sure help to give me more of an idea of what to expect, and especially if the replies listed the equipment, or even left the avionics out.


Somewhere on the forum, I can recall a thread where there was mention of putting this information up for public viewing.


Anyway if you have time to add to this thread with some first hand information I would be very grateful. :big_grin:


Cheers Kirk !



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OK Kirk, you forced me into it.


For those that are interested, this is my entire Jabiru expenditure for my J400. The J400 at the time was $47k base without engine and is $2k less for the 2 seater J200. I am unsure if the price has gone up yet. As for pricing compared to a smaller Jab like a J160, it should be similar for all the building, just decuct the difference in the purchase price.


Note, some tooling is included in my pricing.


$ 550.00 JABIRU Deposit


$ 45,463.00 J400 Aircraft Kit (less Microair radio @ $1,200)


$ 30.00 Keyed Master Switch


$ 75.00 Door Locks X 3


$ 241.00 EGT Probe and Guage


$ 20.00 Cigarette lighter sockets X 2


$ 286.00 Airswitch hour meter


$ 44.00 Outside air temperature guage


$ 100.00 Dash cutout for big 6 instruments (done at Jabiru)


$ 358.00 Freight Insurance


$ 1,030.00 Freight J400 - Bundaberg to Sale


$ 125.00 Freight J400 - from Sale to Longford


$ 85.00 Sand Paper, 180, Spot putty and Car "bog," wire brushes


$ 8.00 Paint brushes (Bunnings)


$ 65.00 2 X Random orbital sanders (Repco & Super Cheap Autos)


$ 20.00 Sandpaper and paint, 180, 400 (Super Cheap Autos)


$ 40.00 Fleck Stone Paint (Plastikote - from Paint Spot)


$ 38.00 Light Grey interior paint (Paint Spot)


$ 21.00 White paint for nosewheel etc. (Paint Spot)


$ 56.00 Masking tape & Fleck Stone paint (Paint Spot)


$ 39.00 Additional Fleck Stone Paint (Bunnings)


$ 25.00 Plugs for Headsets from Raptor Designs (Hallam)


$ 82.50 Grey Interior Fabric (VyFab - Moorabbin)


$ 110.00 Wiring for headsets (Radio Parts - Caulfield)


$ 32.00 Missile Switches (Jaycar - Sydney)


$ 60.00 Plane Interior Fabric - more (VyFab - Moorabbin)


$ 27.00 Additional Bolts (Aviaquip - Moorabbin)


$ 60.00 Spare dash wire (AviaQuip - Moorabbin)


$ 500.00 Labour for Terry to re-build wing leading edge and elevator


$ 70.00 Vinyl for Seat cushions (VyFab - Moorabbin)


$ 52.00 Landing Light, connectors (East Coast Auto Spares)


$ 48.00 Lights and wiring for dash (Radio Parts)


$ 18.00 AM/FM Radio Aerial (East Coast Auto Spares)


$ 18.00 Paint - Grey (Paint Spot)


$ 27.50 Masking Tape for painting


$ 140.00 Extra 2 Litres Resin plus hardner (Jabiru)


$ 700.00 Collins Transponder - Certified (Used)


$ 200.00 Vacuum Turn & Bank (Used)


$ 300.00 Vacuum Gyro Directional Guage - Certified (Used)


$ 1,037.00 Rapco Vacuum Pump from US - Aircraft Spruce (Clock-Wise)


$ 165.00 Sport Aircraft Association of Australia Membership


$ 50.00 Aircraft Data Plate and maintenance releases


$ 32.00 QCells (MicroBaloons) 2 Kilograms


$ 90.00 Transponder Aerial (Microair - Jabiru)


$ 60.00 Additional Resin and Hardner from Jabiru


$ 957.00 RC Allen - Certified Artificial Horizon from Aircraft Spruce - US


$ 28.00 Masking Tape - 3M Scotchbrite (Paint Spot)


$ 1,300.00 XCOM Radio - includes intercom


$ 18,337.00 Engine - Jabiru 3300


$ 165.00 Freight insurance on engine (Chamberlain Knights)


$ 55.00 Registration Numbers & Experimental decals


$ 110.00 Engine Freight (organised by Jabiru)


$ 40.00 Sand Paper and Plastic for masking


$ 2,000.00 Paint Plane 2Pak PPG (labour only) - first attempt


$ 100.00 Wages for assistance (to cover petrol costs)


$ 70.00 Car Alarm System (new from Ebay)


$ 35.00 Central Locking system (new from Ebay)


$ 283.00 Sony Single CD Player - XPLOD


$ 500.00 Weight and balance (Bob McGilray - Edge Aviation - Sale)


$ 150.00 SAAA Aircraft Inspection - Brian Turner (Latrobe Valley)


$ 55.00 Tyre additive for punctures


$ 10.00 Additional carpet glue


$ 180.00 NGK Iridium Spark Plugs (Mazda)


$ 50.00 Stainless exhaust welding repair


$ 40.00 Shell 100 Oil (Run-In)


$ 40.00 W100 Plus Oil (Post Run-In)


$ 75.00 Spare nuts and bolts from Aviaquip / Hangar 9


$ 1,690.00 Re-Painting


$ 150.00 Trailer Hire (Aircraft to airport & paint shop)


$ 25.00 Aircraft Registration Fee (CASA)




+ 600 hours of my time, Priceless!


** DOES NOT include paint & undercoat (obtained elsewhere)


Since building, I've spent around:


$500 on dual strobes and LED Nav Lights.


$150 on replacement rear wheel spats


$85 on a replacement oil cooler


$25 on a solar panel to charge the battery during the week


$40 on dash lighting for night flight


$120 for transponder calibration


$250 for backseat intercom (XCOM is 2 pax only)


$320 for replacement Altimiter


$1,490 total.


Plus consumables, Tyres, Filters, Oil, etc for servicing.



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The iridiums were discounted even at that price! Remember that I have 12 of them to buy!


Why use them? Smoother running, easier starting, more RPM and longevity.


The strobes were from Wicks.






However, I just looked and they don't have my exact one any more, it was US$349. It was a dual unit only, but now for US$399 they are supplying a larger power supply capable of 6 or so strobes. Same globes / bulbs as the one they have now, just a different driver box. They have 12 user selectable flash patterns and the new ones have a high-low power setting for the strobes (useless on low power in daylight).


Have a mate with them in GA Jab and he flies at night with them and I do also.


Highly recommended!



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Guest AusDarren

Brent I notice that you opted for certified instruments and landing and nav lights, and elsewhere you mentioned being night rated, as a J400 it is obviously VH, is it now in the NVFR category?







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Guest disperse

i dont have exp building or flying for that matter but ive been wondering around the net for 3 mth's now looking at prices for diff kits and stuff plus all the advice i get here and my ball park is 4cyl jab allow between 20 to 24k and around 30k for anything with the 6cyl jab


so i look at the kitprice then just add the 20 or 30k and thats the BALLPARK


as for rotax...........me dont know



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