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After flying hiatus, now researching LSAs

Jack Tyler

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I've been on this site less than 24 hrs and already been pinged 5 times to introduce myself...so here we go. I'm an instrument rated private pilot (land) with a good medical (both with the USA's FAA), but my wife (also a pilot) and I changed over a decade ago from flying to sailing. After visiting 52 (or was it 53...?) countries and island nations, we now find ourselves in Brisbane, Australia part of the year and St. Pete, FL USA the balance. We are interested in re-entering general aviation, and it sure seems like the LSA 'movement' is where most of the action is these days. Thus, my interest in joining this forum.


I have been spending some time researching LSA aircraft and LSA manufacturers - at least those marketed in the USA - and for that matter LSA accidents, some of which make for chilling reading. Based on what I've seen so far - and by 'seen', I include video clips of some 'LSA Factories' (aka: hangars) - it seems to me that two issues which deserve more visibility are 'safety' and 'manufacturing capability'. I'm not really sure where either of these topics belong in this Forum's architecture. But more to the point, perhaps more discussion about both topics would be a bit more forthcoming if the Index more clearly called attention to them. (FYI: to me 'Accidents & Incidents' are just one subset of 'Safety').


E.g. I'm sure some (most? all?) of you here have already read the USA FAA's "Light-Sport Aircraft Manufacturer Assessment - Final Report Summary". For those who are somewhat familiar with good manufacturing practices, there are IMO some very worrisome observations & conclusions in that summary. (For a link to the summary - and also a link to the full report - go to: www.bydanjohnson.com/index.cfm?b=6&m=4&i=10). It strikes me that, for now at least, 'Caveat Emptor' should be at the front of one's thinking with respect to LSA aircraft, no matter how appealing a design or pleasing its performance numbers might be. And so that's why I'll be looking for comment & discussion on issues like these.


Thanks already to those of you who've contributed here. It's obvious there is substantial knowledge and experience available here for those of us with a lot to learn.




St. Pete, FL & Brisbane, QLD



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Hi Jack and 098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif to the forum.


Recreational Aviation Australia, (RAA), is the way to go for anyone who wants to fly for recreation,it`s never been better.


Feel free to start a thread on any topic,most issues can be covered in General Discussion or simply ask Ian,forum administrator,which section to post in.


Looking foward to your posts.







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Guest burbles1

Welcome aboard Jack. You'll find all sorts of useful info here - the various aircraft type forums are good. Ask anything and you'll always get a good response.



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