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Kilcoy - does anyone have a working number for them?


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I'm trying to see about a hangar at Kilcoy but having no luck calling them.


I've spent the morning looking up the many different numbers listed for people at Kilcoy Airfield Association, and I get a fax number, a clothing store and a message saying they are disconnected.


Does anyone have a working number for someone I can talk to about hangars please? Maybe someone who rents or sells them is reading this right now?







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Recreational. Thinking of buying a CH701. I'm training at Redcliffe but that is a little out of my budget, and Caboolture which is close to home seems pretty full, so I'm thinking Kilcoy is the next up and coming airfield that is closeish to me.


Thanks for the help everyone.



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Guest Escadrille

You will find that Kilcoy is Savannah /CH 701 central. Great bunch of guys in that particular fraternityat Kilcoy. JG3 is certain to give you accurate information. IF you pm me I can give you a contact no.



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