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Factory Fitted Autopilot in the CTsw


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This is an enquiry for information from anybody who has a factory fitted TruTrak Digiflight auto-pilot in their CT.


I am presently having a TruTrak a/p retrofitted to my CTsw and would like to know whether the factory fitted units have a dedicated "On/Off" (master) switch for the a/p included on the panel.


I am aware that the 8A circuit breaker is wired via the 'Avionics Master' switch however the wiring diagram supplied by Flight Design does not show an actual auto-pilot master switch.


My understanding of the momentary switch on the control column is that when held down the aircraft reverts to CWS but re-engages the servos when released.


Quote from TruTrak


The control wheel switch is a momentary contact switch mounted on the control wheel/stick. When the switch is held down for 1.5 seconds or more, the autopilot enters the control wheel steering mode. During the time that the switch is held down, the servo/servos will be disengaged and the pilot can manually fly to the new desired track. Upon release of the switch, the unit will synchronize to the track being flown at the time. All of the multi-axis with vertical speed capability will also synchronize to the vertical speed being flown at the time of control wheel switch release.


Can anybody enlighten me on this and if possible show a picture of where the A/P "on/off" switch is located if indeed one has been included.







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Hi Dave


At this stage all I can say is that the AP has its own circuit breaker and is turned on by the Avionics switch - note turned on but not engaged.


I haven't tried the AP in my new CT as yet but if my memory serves me with my old one you pressed the white button next to the PPT button on the stick and hold down for 2 secs and then the aircraft locks on to whatever alt (or climb/descent rate) and track you are on when you release the button. To disengage the AP just press the white button and release straight away and the AP disengages


Hope this helps!







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Thanks Ian....that is the sort of information I am seeking. I still can not get my head around how the auto-pilot disengages when the button is pressed momentarily but if held down for longer (> 1.5 secs), will re-engage the servos when released.


The TruTrak and FD circuit diagrams show the control wheel switch with a connection to Pin 3 on the programmer module, then going straight to earth when the switch is pressed. (as long as it works....then that's fine!)


Oh and one other query......I notice you have an ALT HOLD c/b ?? There is only one c/b shown on the circuit diagram for the whole autopilot. Perhaps this c/b was installed for another application?


When you try out your new A/P, can you pop the ALT HOLD c/b and let me know if it has any effect on the autopilot...ie. will the a/p maintain the selected altitude??







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